The Niceguys – Overtoast (Video)

So, uh, where that James Kelley project guys?

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  • richniggashinin

    Yall should collab with AheadOfClass, google them boys they from Houston too i believe... That shit would be dope, or at least with TonyDelFreshco.. #OverToast

  • it's coming. instead of just questioning shit, do a little research. it was an EP, and now it's an album. the dudes hit a resurgence of inspiration, scrapped a few things, made other things better.

    short version: they're going to avoid the sophomore slump.

  • Hermes

    these dudes are dope as fuck.. think I should dl that first project of theres again

  • dopeboy

    Loved their first album, i thinks it really cool that there going for this fun/party sound on their new stuff

  • redshoelaces

    @poopers Free? Is that you?


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