• gasface

    Too Short needs to quit making music...for real

  • James R aka The Real Truth

    gasface, no hed does not ,hater .too short is still making better music then 90% of new school & your favorite rapper hater .so you need to quit talking & shut uo because you are stupid as hell/ too short don't stop rappin!

  • http://www.allhiphop.com ScoobyLV


  • gasfacr

    Too Short is second to none the most elementary rhymer I've ever heard...legend or not there comes a time when legends become irrelevant and I'm sure MY favorite mc's would leave Short Dog at a loss for words homie...in the words of Common just cause I don't like it don't mean that I'm hatin

  • Pretty Tony

    Shits supa-smooth...

  • Lynx

    how can anyone not like this

  • James R aka The Real Truth

    gasface,just cause you don't like him does make youy ignorant ass hater . see you like rest of dumb hip hop heads who think hip hop lyrics are suppose to be complicated when they are not . . no too shorts is not second or fist to none the most elementary rhymer . see too short is story teller not some over complicated rhyme punch line rapper who can't tel la story like you listen . too short is still relevant you stupid ass hating fool . your favorit rapper would not leave Short Dog at a loss for words. instead your favortie rapper would get down on there knees & sucks too shorts dick. common would smack you for what you said & call you a hater . legends like too short will always be more relevant then any new school artist or your favorite rapper .so new schooler shut up with your closeminded don't know shit about hip hop ignorance!