angel haze – Theraflu Freestyle

blame it on Meka April 16, 2012

The Voice is coming this Thursday (April 19th).

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  • hehe


  • Diggy


  • eh

    Not bad, looks like the dude from 106 n park tho

  • chill

    Looks like big sean! haha

  • bigm

    bitch looks like a lizard

  • vo

    niggas stay talkin shit thou

  • ReeSaidFuckYou

    All these thirsty bitches with no lyrical skill commenting…suck a cock..She’s fucking awesome!!

  • James

    “If you dream of beating me, you wake up and apologize” ha. I fucks with Angel Haze

  • Rezo

    She stole that “defeated” line from J. Cole. Wack….

  • Randy

    ive heard that defeated line more times than i can count. its really not that clever.

  • She snapped on this shit flat out

  • Realistically

    … and J.Cole stole that line from Muhammad Ali. o_O

  • Freedom Child

    i didn’t know rap was a beauty contest… ya’ll wouldn’t have made it in the 80’s in early 90’s. (Heather B, Old Salt n Pepper, Bahamadia, Queen Latifah, etc.)

    Why don’t ya’ll grow the eff up… superficial morons…