Danny! – Long Time Comin’

blame it on Meka April 16, 2012

When Payback decides to drop (it obviously didn’t come before 2Pac did) we’ll finally get to see why, exactly has ?uestlove & Jay have been praising him so much.


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  • a

    lol that diggy bar was funny

  • MJ

    “we’ll finally get to see why, exactly has ?uestlove & Jay have been praising him so much”

    Hyperbole much?

    ?uest just said Jay liked some of his stuff posted on okayplayer

  • ^^^ hologram tupac
    if you knew what i knew
    you would just shut up
    and stay tuned

  • justin herschel

    Danny! let some of his fans on facebook have a chance to listen to the album 4 a day. I was lucky enough to be online that day and he messaged me telling me i could listen to the album for a day he sent me a link with an i-tunes playlist of the album Payback=ALBUM OF THE YEAR!!!!!!! or at Least ONE OF THE BEST ALBUMS OF THE YEAR!!!!!! Every song on the album was awesome. Not one bad song on the entire album. Then there are the singles which could easily be song of the year Contenders especially the song called “Evil” ft. Bruno Mars which was on repeat all day when i played the album. Then there is a song with Janelle Monae which was excellent & easily at top 10 song. All of the features on this album were perefect. Von Pea & Danny continued their amazing chemistry on the album making fans eager for their collabo project. & Then Danny gave E-40 the perfect beat for him & Danny! to rap together. Pharrell also does a nice faeture. & John Legend as well & most of all Danny! himself who lyrically has hit his A game. The album is a genius concept record and shows why Danny! has a cult following for all these years & for me it was when Charm (2006) was released. Danny!’s extensive catalog is amazing starting from his debut album the College-Kickout (Danny! was expelled from South Carolina for figuring out a way to change people’s grades in return for cash and he was expelled from school.) To his Instrumental tapes which are classic and final version has 2 different tracklists which make it a collectors gem. Danny! is about to finally hit the maistream if given the proper push from the labels and get the promotion he needs the sky is the limit for Danny! and its about TIME!!!!!!

  • justin herschel

    I was able to hear the album from Danny! around February when Danny! realized that his album was going to be Shelved by Interscope. So he hit Facebook and contacted some of his fans on facebook and I happened to be friends with Danny! on facebook so i was lucky that i was online that day and he sent me a password so i could listen to the album for a day=One of the best surprise;s i have ever had. And best of all Danny! is a real humble dude. Good person and i hope nothing but the best for him cause he deserves it.

  • justin herschel

    and i like said before the Album is deffinelty Album of the Year material. Interscope stop holding Danny! back and give the album a proper studio push!!!!!!!!

  • Maga D

    YOOO this is one of the best tracks in a minute kids!

  • tbh

    if you’ve heard any of his previous work (he only has 5 albums and 3 instrumental albums) you’d know why jigga likes him. meka knows dick about hip hop

  • Chris

    Really don’t see what’s so special about this dude. I’ve checked out most of his stuff and he seems to have a horrible ear for beats and his delivery (mainly his voice) annoys me. Decent lyricist but that’s about it…idk, guess he’s just not for me.

  • D.

    payback dropped a while ago ive had it for a while

  • Wheewwwwwww! These rap namekians ain’t fuckin w/ D. Swain, I swear. I mean he’s Jay’s current favorite rapper..c’mon now. That should tell you something right there!

  • zz

    @D. then share it

  • A.A.

    yeah it’s out in japan XD i bought it when i was visiting

  • jahranimo

    @justin hershel QFT

    I also got an early listen to the album back in Feb and it is indeed one of the best Hip Hop albums I’ve listened to from beginning to end in a long while. I predict this will drop sometime in the summer. Hip hop needs this album and it will definitely be a contender for AOTY. When it does drop do not sleep at all, but pay attention.

  • yeah that song was siiick. can’t wait to check this kid out. Sorry i been sleepin!

  • U J BABY!!!!