2Pac Performs as a Hologram at Coachella (Video)

blame it on Illy April 16, 2012

Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg closed out the first weekend of the Coachella Music And Arts Festival last night by showcasing a hologram 2Pac during their set. (2)fucking dope.

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  • sadsad

    that shit is too crazy

  • EricDean

    This is crazy.

  • 2pacback

    2pac is fuckin ripped

  • wat

    I’m so curious how they pulled this off.

  • truth

    now watch everyone jump on this technology, next we will have drake bringing out aaliyah

  • That was fucking incredible! Fuck a R2D2. 2Pac Back

  • Hologram pac

    Honestly, this is probably one of the coolest things Ive seen in a long time!! Haha, this is great!!

  • KB Smoka

    B.I.G. all day but this is some impressive stuff right here.

  • RoB

    Yeah so fucking dope!

  • hopey

    Am i the only dude that thinks this shit is disrespectful?

  • raspian


    Yo, y would anyone agree to this shit?

  • raspian


    I agree with you btw.

  • was neva a pac fan

  • WHAT!

    @truth lmao!

  • mattnotmike

    Wild Disrespectful. Idk why noone has said it before

  • JJ

    its cool cuss we get to show a generation how pac was like but at the same time disrespctful to the true artist but end of the day i think technology is amazing and in a matter of speaking i pay for a tour to see pac at a city near me in this way i get to enjoy good music over sum of the wack shit.

  • MAga D

    This isn’t disrespectful. It’d be disrespectful if they did it at every concert, but for one show/festival, it’s a tribute/acknowledgement. my cents. Pac’s the reason I heard of hip hop, so good look on this.

  • Yeah

    the names of the people that made this amazing hologram should be revealed

  • DatGuy

    @JJ I agree… It seem like the hip hop heads on this site would be happy the younger generation is being exposed to real music. And as an artist myself, if I died I would definitely pleasure people being able live on through my music. Pac is smiling down right now.

  • DatGuy

    *pleasure being able to live on through my music

  • the realest

    how is this disrespectful? chill the fuck out

    tupac is arguably the g.o.a.t. one year jay was there, the next kanye killed it, and this year they one-up’d it with tupac, thee goat. tupac whole thing was that he would never die bcuz he would live on thru his music. and in this time, the musical recession we are in, its nice to see what a REAL rapper looks like. not these copy-image average new cats that get over-hyped then eveutally abandoned and moved on to the nxt.

  • the realest

    co-sign datguy

  • J.O

    Yea this is dope! In the future this technology will be put in TVs! Now thats gone be so damn dope. I just hope Im alive to see it. Imagine watching your TV from a 360 degree view. Crazy!

  • yesman

    disrespectful???!!! I swear some of yall just got bitch ways…

  • thechronic92

    I don’t find this disrespectful at all. What I think is a disgrace is those albums that get released by Big & Pac that are basically mash-ups of unreleased material with current artists, which is just a cheap way for the labels to make money. This hologram is probably only gonna be a 2-time thing. Now if they were to say create a Pac & Big tour, then that’d be taking it too far.



    Seconds after the high talked about hologram Coachella performance, a huge hologram riot broke out leaving 24 digital characters wounded and one of the members of the Gorillaz had to be rushed to the McAfee Hospital for non fatal wounds. One witness reported that the incident started with a couple of exchanged words between Buzz Lightyear and Tin Tin. Shots were heard fired and the whole backstage was full of chaos. Dreamworks has issued a statement saying the incident was a mistake. Disney has denied any internal involvement. No Coachella representative have spoken about the incident at this time.

    This has been reported as the MOST and the worst hip hop violence at a concert in music history.

  • DatGuy

    cosign J.O and thechronic92

  • 206FRE$H

    NEWS ALERT hahahahaha that nigga on one.

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  • LeonardWesley

  • SB

    hahahahaha I’M DYING

  • Cali Grown

    I damn near got the chills watching this and imagining if he was still with us. I wish I had seen him live back in the days; it’s all good. Like some one above said “he lives through his music” and I’m about to keep it that way with this gram of weed and my Pac collection.

    Straight Soulja!

  • mattnotmike

    may be the first time in history ive changed my mind based on what a blog said. Nicely put @ the realest

  • I have to admit, this is crazy, but come on son, let this man rest in peace.

  • Jimbo

    How can anyone think this is disrespectful? If this is disrespectful, then so is listening to his music…it’s ALL digital, the music, the hologram…one-and-the-same. If anything, IMO this was meant to honor and remember him in a way that almost makes you feel like he’s still with us. Disrespectful my ass smh

  • MosWundrus

    So they dropped Nate Dogg for Pac instead?

  • JAyP



  • unclesam

    It´s disrespectful because they are making money off of him, when he´s dead and gone. If people think this is just a one-time thing, well just wait and see. These companies always want to make money off of shit like this.

  • fuxwitme

    I got news for all of you, that really was 2pac! no hologram!!! he’s aliiiiiive!!!!!

  • FuckTheWorld

    so according to your sideways logic, it’s disrespectful to sell 2Pac cd’s nowadays too since they make money off those? ……. gtfoh

  • thehungergames

    This shit is wack man, i ain’t paying to watch no hologram, just bump the music on your stereo

  • 2pacback

    That shit was dope. Shut your hating asses up.

  • (l,k)

    best believe the government is gonna use this technology for exploiting the masses, watch

  • KLA

    lol..This shit ain’t nothing new. Japan has been doing this for some of their artists for years. Dope nonetheless.

  • Yo

    That wasnt really Pac, the dude that impersonated him didnt even have his mannerisms down and Pac was never that ripped (no homo) plus Coachella first began in 1999 (Pac was already dead, so he couldnt of ever said “what the fuck is up Coachella”) and he never performed “Hailmary” live before because it came out after his death

  • doodoobrown

    Tupac performed before Detox was released is the bigger mystery here, but I’m sure none of us here are surprised.

  • sjakanava

    ^dude doesnt know what a hologram is lmao

  • Dave

    Hologram tupac already has a twitter.hes dissin rappers.talkin bout goin on tour with snoop and its dope af lol.

  • you are all fags

    FIRST OFF… DRE and SNOOP weren’t making money off of Pac at this concert… THEY PAID MORE TO HAVE THE HOLOGRAM MADE AND PRODUCED FOR THE SHOW THAN THEY MADE OFF THE SHOW… The guy who made it is Nick Smith and he said they had been working on this for months and he worked EXCLUSIVELY with Dre on it. The early estimates were that Dre spent over $1mil on it and it took 8 months to plan and 4 months to create… THIS WAS NOT DISRESPECTFUL!! IF Dre spent THAT MUCH TIME TO DO THIS and SPENT THAT MUCH MONEY JUST TO HAVE IT DONE, he definitely wasn’t doing it to disrespect the man..

    Besides… TO ALL YOU “FANS” OUT THERE… DRE actually KNEW 2Pac.. So why shouldn’t he do it?? He definitely aint gonna listen to Fans who didnt even know Pac..

  • Just wait til they try this with religious figures like Jesus in major cities. Watch as the government begins to troll society into mass hysteria.

  • BSR

    Bullshit is that disrespectful. Would have loved to have seen that, INCREDIBLE!!

  • Okiu

    what money? seems like dre reached deep into his pockets to show an old friend love. you really think this nigga dre needs pac to make money at a concert? did you not hear the crowd when em came out ? you do know that em has surpassed pac in sales right? and if em died tomorrow his sales would probably sky rocket even more.

    everything costs money. a fucking fundraiser costs money! that doesnt mean you’re exploiting an organization to make money. dre does not NEED pac to make money! much less with fucking eminem there! Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit! I love pac but stop dickriding that nigga. you give him way too much credit sometime. dre showed some major love by doing this. just say respect and keep it moving. fuck all that bullshit youre talkinng fam.

  • Randy

    man im tired of these conspiracy theorists babbling about project blue beam or whatever. if it was real, your dumb ass wouldnt know about it. and that’s a 2pac quote. killuminati = kill the myth of the illluminati.

    you been saying this shit for years and nothing has happened. yet everytime nothing happens, you never admit you were wrong, you just say “its going to happen”. 10 years from now, you’ll be behind the same computer saying the same shit. completely free of consequence for false prophezies and fear mongering. this why i hate the internet. people just talk shit all day for year free of accountability. fucking cowards. scared to live your lives. blame the big bag ghost government for all your problems. call every new advance in technology “project blue beam” with no evidence or proof. that’s why pac made “killuminati” because he saw the danger of not taking control of your own lives and blaming the supposed illuminati for everything. pac was disgusted by it. and now we all see why. you people are cowards who contribute nothing to society but bullshit. this is why you’re not where you’re supposed to be at! always have excuses and someone to blame. its always gonna be “next time” its always something with you niggas. yet nothing ever happens. story of your lives.

  • GeeDotQue

    i dont wanna say too much but i will say this. as far as this being disrespectul!?…..not at all! reason being because it was brought forth by DR. DRE & SNOOP DOGG! if anyone else would have done it, then yea disrespectful. PLUS we’re talking about TUPAC!!! The same man that rapped about always continuing to live and being reincarnated……well if you ask me, Dre/Snoop are just fulfilling his wishes

  • @Randy. No one said they believed in all of those conspiracies. You alone proved that you know just as much about the conspiracies as everyone else by posting your long comment about it. It doesn’t hurt to have knowledge of the conspiracies, it only hurts to put your faith and belief into it. There is a difference between saying something will happen and suggesting the idea that it could happen. Living in fear of illuminati is a ridiculous lifestyle, I agree. However, every technology that is released to the public is usually the result of some technology that the military/government agencies have been experimenting with for years. We have Facebook, Twitter, and Google, which all blew up huge after this whole new wave of fear against “terrorists.” You think you can find any info you want with one search, or any person you want with one search. Imagine the system they have in place already. Open your eyes and see what’s going on here. Technology is for military/government first, and for the people second. It’s been like that throughout all of history, and will continue to be so under the current system we have in place. In other news, 2pac is one of the most emotional/motivations rappers to ever do it.

  • Krsi

    when you try to pay tribute they complain that youre being disrespectful. when you move on they complain that hip hop is dead and thay we should bring 2pac and biggie back. fuck you bitch ass niggas. that’s why no one care what you think. cause youre never satisfied

  • NYdreams

    naw… this aint disrespect …. its a hologram and its the closest the new generation would ever see of pac…i bet pac would want that to be honest… the only thing that would make this disrespectful is if the nigga was on stage rapping with niggas that pac never fucked with or niggas like wayne but yeah its cool… i just hope they dont over do it and make this a 1 time only thing..

  • Greg Focker

    @nydreams please explain to me how rapping with wayne would be disrespectful.. except for the fact that you personally dont like him? what is so disrespectful about that?

    no one complained when they paired elvis’s image with celine dion and they sang a duet. no one bitched about respect. its only you bitch ass rap fans who always feel like you have to pick a side who scream disrespect. who the fuck would care if pac was with lil wayne? wayne never did nothing to pac but show love. so what he wears skinny jeans. prince damn near dressed like a woman and pac loved prince. gtfoh throwing “disrespect” around like it means somthing.

  • NYdreams

    @gregfocker i personally dont have a problem with wayne lol but it would be disrespectful for him to rapping with wayne on the stage together cause if you listen to pac you would know what type of niggas pac fucks with (simple) – i mean you gonna tell me next that putting holo pac on the stage with rick ross because rick ross does nothing but show respect for pac wouldnt be disrespectful either…..

    come on now … act like you got some sense

  • Thinker

    Bitches complain its disrespectful for some bullshit. Dude I’m pretty sure all permission had to have gone through family first before they could even do it. And the artists don’t need more money, they fucking got charities, so giving the proceeds for a Pac performance aint no biggie (no pun intended). Fuck if I’m dead I wouldnt mind ppl putting a hologram of me up. As long as I ain’t doin some dumb shit hahaha

  • Maximus

    Thats mad

  • jwiii

    cool technology development but not quite there. just weird. people got to accept death and move on.

  • Doney

    The funny thing is Pac damn near hated Dre toward the end of his life. Listen to the second verse of “Toss It Up” and the end of “To Live and Die In L.A.”. So the only disrespectful thing was having him shout out Dre because he stopped fucking with Dre. Listen to his last interviews as well, he speaks about how lazy Dre was and considered him a traitor

  • JR

    @Doney you beat me to the punch!

    Take into consideration that Pac wasn’t fucking with Dre at the time of his death. Holograms at a LIVE music festival sounds like a SCAM to me. You didn’t see 2Pac. What you saw was an attempt to exploit the legacy of a true ARTIST. Open your 3rd eye and stop being sheep.

  • Until The End Of Time

    2 Muhfuckin DOPE!!!… that’s ma nigga 4 LIFE!… live on ma nigga… n @Hermes can get a bowl of these nuts…

  • John Creasy

    All we NEED now is Mr. Lamont Coleman and Joe Bananas resurrecting…

  • srjr27

    unreal. incredible. speechless.

  • King G.

    If Pac’s music and image died with his body then he lived in vain. I would bet Pac is smiling right now feeling honored.

  • Del

    some of you so called rap fans are morons… this isn’t disrespectful in any way… yeah Pac dissed Dre before he died but dude would be 40 today had he lived and that shit would’ve been squashed… you mean to tell me within the last 15 years Pac wouldn’t have squashed that bullshit between him and Dre? That shit was really between Suge and Dre anyway. Grown men don’t beef forever, they would’ve put that shit in the past ended up working together again, I truely believe that. Unlike most of you clowns saying Dre is disrespectful for this, Dre actually knew the nigga and spent a good amount of time being around him… with that said, this shit was fuckin’ epic, wish I was there… great moment for Hip Hop.

  • brooks

    If his mother and the two people in the industry who knew him the best cosigned it, I don’t see it as disrespectful at all.

  • Doney

    @Del not really because by time Pac got to Deathrow Dre distanced himself from Deathrow so they didn’t spend alot of time together like u think. He didn’t even want Pac to be on “California Love” and sold the beat he made for Pac to Blackstreet (No Diggity). Maybe they would’ve made up if he was still alive, but Pac was a man of honor and principle, and some of the shit Dre did was shady as hell so I don’t know. But I still think it was incredible having him perform Hail Mary, that shit sent chills down my spine

  • Johnny

    @brooks @Del How long do you think it will take before Anti-Pac starts slanging Beats by Dre Headphones? Will it be ok then? Pac was only on Deathrow for NINE months. I doubt Dre and Snoop knew him best.

  • Raiders4Life

    Does this mean we might see some new 2pac “St. Ides” commercials?

  • youngnigga

    fuck this old dude. now if it was a hologram of Tyga or Diggy or lil boosie, then we would be in business. anyone over the age of 18 should not be making hiphop music, or performing shit like this. fuck old/ dead people. whos with me?

  • respect2pac

    i dont agree with you at old reason why you dont like 2pac cuz you dont know shit and know what real 90s music was about. your life must suck dont compare 2pac to new school hip hop artist ever again bitch.


    @lames thinkin it was disrespectful:

    “Dr. Dre asked Afeni Shakur for approval to use a hologram of her late son. Dr. Dre also made a donation to The Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation.”

  • hIAUE

    we need a joe buttons hologram to come and bless us with a performance of the “step it up” classic pump pump it up

  • The one question I have is how the hell did they get the audio of him saying “WHATS UP COACHELLA?!” when it started in 1999, three years after he died… start the conspiracy theories again?

  • Cameron

    He is def not alive, but it would have been so much better if they played it lke that. Like had a couple shows with him walking across stage or something. built up the hype then had him come out last show.
    I assume they made him say choachella digitally or got an impuranator. This is in no way disrespectful, I don’t understand how someone could even feel that way.