Nas – Another Black Girl Lost

blame it on Meka April 16, 2012

Nas revisits his It Was Written roots with this sequel to his 1996 classic. The old head in me refuses to accept this “updated version”, but the young’n in me will give it a shot. Props to Splash.

DOWNLOAD: Nas – Another Black Girl Lost | Alt

  • Chris


    this is the same guy who has released classics like Illmatic and It Was Written? Really Nas?

  • silence

    sittin in the library lookin stupid as fuck cause my inner nas stan took possession and made me yell “GODDAMMIT YES!” in the middle of the room. And I don’t care

  • Tim



    W T F is this garbage ………..

  • damn

    What is this shit? Man, Nas…. :(

    Oh, and that hook!! Ugh!

  • RSWD

    Really Nas!???

  • Mike

    The fuck was Nas thinking with the hook?

  • Juanka

    how does this get this hate and still it’s 6 dope – 1 nope?

  • Blex

    that chorus is awful. nas, please bring back the poetry we all desire. this sounds like some hood-rat jump off.

  • who cares

    I don’t know what to think about this.

  • Fred Cliston

    As much as I respect Nas, This should be called “Nas Lost”

  • slim

    Nas’ rhyming isn’t bad, but I’d expect to hear this hook and annoying beat on some no-names kid’s mixtape

  • Nas Fan

    Another Nas Song Lost

  • Chris

    Even Nas’s verses weren’t very good IMO…at least not good enough to make up for the horrible chorus and mediocre beat.

    cosign @Fred Cliston. Nas is one of my favorite rappers of all-time, but shit like this is just embarrassing. You got classics like NY State of Mind, The Message, 2nd Childhood, Take It In Blood, Nas Is Like…then this? I understand artists like branching out rather than making the same type of music all their career…but come on. This is just bad.

    Imagine if this was the first Nas song you ever heard. If you told me he was considered one of the greatest rappers ever, I’d laugh in your face.

  • Scematik

    Beat is ok, better if it was sped up a bit with a fiercer drum track, lyrics are subpar at best, 86 the wackass hook….

  • Sounds like Rick Ross wrote these verses. Or Wiz Khalifa.

  • thatdude_will

    Nas has to have the worst beat selection of all time… and the hook <

  • Schoolboy with Attitude

    Nas, what the fuck is this shit? This sounds like some throwaway Nicki Minaj song.

  • Huh what?

    Nas lost to Kelis
    To his little girl showing out on twitter
    To Angolon goons holding his promoter hostage.
    To the IRS that’s about to rape his bank account and life for what it’s worth.

    Come on Nas.. be serious.

  • k3


  • Igotcha

    smh. What in the fuck, nas? Can this album please hurry up and drop so he can finally release Lost Tapes 2 outside of def jam? We want that real shit. Not this bullshit.

  • Maga D

    Always good to hear Nas. Hook is whatever, but it ain’t baaad like some yall say.

  • bigbraggaz

    beat cudda been better, good he is trynna update himself.
    cant be spittin on the same kinda beats for a decade, gotta switch it up

  • Maga D

    btw, this isn’t on the album.

  • Sir Escobar

    I actually like it cause it sends a dope message. You can tell by the beat and the hook that this was probably meant to aimed at women. So he made a really good artistic choice with the song. Overall, its a 7/10. Its still pretty good, just not his God-like greatness.

  • Maga D

    nah though. Hook is good, but yall niggas can’t sing the hook for obvious reasons. lol. “my ass still the fattest” I mean, good hook cause it fits the song, but most Nas fans ain’t singin that shit, least not me. hahaha

  • For The Record…

    This beat was Tony Williams’ “I Know You Missed It” it was produced by Hit-Boy

  • killdillvol_2

    this is an unreleased track, not a studio album single. plus it really isn’t bad, just a different take on a (classic) track put out 15 years ago… i fucks with the upbeat chorus. y’all gotta relax

  • NYdreams

    it sends a good message…… but this shit is wack as fuck…

  • Anyone hating on this track failed to spark one up beforehand. It’s 2012 baby be happy he’s still got it. Nasty. This one’s for the old earths. Respect.

  • Mli


    thinking a chorus is shitty = not being relaxed? Just cause you fuck with it doesn’t mean everyone else should as well. Clearly the majority of people commenting don’t like the chorus.

    “plus it really isn’t bad” – well, that’s your opinion. If I’m not able to listen to the entire song without having an uncontrollable urge to turn it off, I consider it a bad song.

  • JHP

    I Liked His Verses, But That’s It. The Beat & Hook Are Whack As Hell! If Nas Was Better At Picking Beats, His Music Would Be So Much More Legendary Than It Already IS

  • Duff

    shitup niggaz this shit is throwaway track or somethin, personally didnt take it srs

  • wow nas

    verses, chorus, beat = garbage.

    coming from a nas stan!!!!!

  • whyyamadtho?

    You people make it sound like his verse was fucking horrible.. It really wasn’t bad. It was good but not better than the old version.. The hook is stupid thats it. but obviously the old version will always be the best. you cant hate on nas for this, be glad it isnt on his upcoming album. he probably did it because the old song meant alot to him and wanted to do a updated version to send a message listen at the end people..

  • QB

    No, no, no, no… but haters calm down.. as long as it isn’t on the album it’s all good. That hook is absolutely horrible..

  • Roy

    if the music sucks, the message dont matter. Stop dickriding. I’m a music fan first a social critic second. this is the music business, not open mic thursdays at the cultural center. “yall gotta relax” why cause its nas? if it was lil wayne would you be telling people to relax then? fuck outta here. wack is wack. I dont give a fuck if its 2pac or if its lil b. Fuck all that dickriding shit in 2012.



    After releasing two major tracks he produced today, Asap Rocky’s Goldie and now Nas’s Another black girl lost, upcoming producer Hit Boy has secured legal copyrights to a new genre: Fruity Loops Beats.

    The 23 year old producer has denied joining secrets cults such as the Illuminati due to his recent success. “My beats are just as good as Quincy’s production….if not better. I think the method to my madness is to slam the keyboard with my fist and then throw my name on it and then it becomes something new, its not just a beat…its a Hit Boy beat.”

    Nas also commented on the rising producer’s production: “When I heard the beats, I was like…this is complete garbage, this sounds like any other producer on soundclick, but after I was told Hit Boy produced it…I instantly got down on my feet and begged for forgiveness in front him.”

    “I’m changing hip hop with these Lolipop beats” Says Hit Boy. “No one has ever done this…new snares, new kicks…the music can be so bad but once you throw my name on it, it makes it so much better to listen to.

    Hit Boy’s debut album, Fruity Loops Stock Sounds, will be out by July unfortunately.

  • NYdreams

    ^lmao @ this whole paragraph

    as also commented on the rising producer’s production: “When I heard the beats, I was like…this is complete garbage, this sounds like any other producer on soundclick, but after I was told Hit Boy produced it…I instantly got down on my feet and begged for forgiveness in front him.”

  • EricDean

    I told y’all that Nicki Minaj feature would ruin him for life.

  • RESE

    lol @ news alert

  • KoolKieth

    your best success is my worst blunder

  • Angelo

    Everybody who knows Nas catalog knows that “Big Girl” is the worst Nas song. And honestly this new joint might give Big Girl a run for it’s money. Beat is lame, Hook is lame…Nas just sounds so outta place on a record like this. Talk about deflating the momentum for his album. Homey needs to fire his A&R

  • marty mcfly

    @Chris, you talking alot of shit right now after saying how dope Asap new song was earlier and yeah this beat just aint as dope a track as the Hit Boy beat BUT there is still a huge difference between “conscious rappers” and other type shit that would be considered swag rap. You went on a rant earlier because so called hip hop elitist fans praise this type of shit and clown on less lyrical shit. This is my point though, for a conscious rapper to make a club song that goes against the grain of whats popular in order to send a message, is alot harder then making that other type shit. Both styles are fine but its a reason why a artist like Nas has a much harder job musically then a artist like Asap. Now this song is still not that dope and thats just being honest but trying to make an updated Black Girl Lost in this era of rap is really a difficult task even for the author of part one.

  • this beat is flames the fuck are yall talkin about? guarantee if Ross or somebody else poppin right now put this song out yall would think its hard

  • Kieioq

    @martymcfly making a good conscious song has nothing to do with what “era” youre in. a good song is a good song. ive heard alot of good consious songs. there is nothing more difficult about it today than it was 10 years ago. this is just plain wack… wack knows no era just like ugly knows no color.

  • Chris


    That’s my point, though. Regardless of what Nas was trying, this song just straight up sounded bad IMO. I respect what he was attempting, but it turned out horrible. I understand it might be hard to make a club song that still has a message…but Nas can do better than this. The beat was bad, the chorus was flat-out annoying, and the verses were sub-par.

    I’m not hating on Nas for trying this. I’m hating on the execution of it.

  • SpreadingDopeMusic

    yo let nas do him. so what he want to switch it up hes gettin older everyday so let him do what he want son. even if…this song made me LOOL hahahaha

  • NYdreams

    that hook funny as fuck tho rofl .. imagine a nigga just singin this shit on the street

  • krow132

    Jeez what a terrible beat. C’mon Nas, as my favorite rapper of all time you got to pick some better beats man. N the hook is kinda wack, and like always he raps his ass off, but not good enough to save it. 1st Black Girl Lost was ten times better. N I hate when artist revisit their classics, dont do that, your only tarnishing the great music you made before.

  • krow132

    I really hope its not on the album.

  • Nostalgia Overdose

    I guess everyone want a hit like Niggas in Paris….so they go to Hit Boy….why? because he makes hits.

    *Returns to planning a scheme to burn down the servers that hosts all of Lil B’s music videos and music.*

  • bb

    listen to the lyrics but the hook has ruined this song though damn it

  • realtalk©

    what the……….


  • cassivemock

    Good shit. Not sure what’s up with all the hate.

  • Late 80’s-Mid90’s Thug

    Can we get a Hologram version on the old nas?

  • ans

    ^^ this

  • Read a book

    When I read “updated version” I was thinking something more along the lines of what he did with N.Y. State of mind, but this is a little disappointing. Besides the hook I think it’s straight though.

  • She

    I hate it the chorus was terrible and it makes mi sad to hear this it’s like he was bringing black girls down with this

  • SmartenUpNAs

    Nas is TOO LEGENDARY to let whack hooks like this slide

  • BlackJesus

    95% of rap fans hate a positive message. That’s what ASAP Rocky is popular now.

  • Isaiah W.

    The hook is the only bad thing about it besides that its dope… The original on another hand it the full package leaving it still a classic Nas track

  • Newborn baby

    Newborn baby here. I don’t get all the hype about this Nas guy. Sounds shitty

  • TheGhostface

    The hook isn’t amazing but compared to everything else out there… come on. Nas killed this don’t hate the G.O.A.T.

  • silence

    oh… i finally listened to the song. the hook is awful. and nas sounds like kanye west. I looked stupid in the library for nothing.

  • Know Joke


  • enrico

    the hook is terrible.. other than that its ok

  • Bob

    Weak, i’m glad it’s not on the album.

  • J.T.

    I think its a good song. I see what yall mean about the hook but I can tolerate it since the verse was nice.

  • MeSonMe!!!

    verses are crazy the hook and beat … i wish this wasn’t called another black girl lost don’t shit on your classic catalog

  • LexiCon

    I like this song. You guys are way too demanding when it comes to Nas or any other 90’s legend. But you give thumbs up for every wack Lil Wayne/Drake/Rick Ross/etc. shit.

  • MeSonMe!!!

    Nas should release the acapella and let ppl remix it without the hook

  • WHAT!

    The track ain’t that bad… but it does make me wanna go back to the original.

  • LLM

    NOOOOOO!! What is this!? Where’s the soul of the first one!?

  • What Happened??

    Wait a second… Are those SKINNY JEANS with TIMBERLAND BOOTS?? Say it ain’t so Nas… say it ain’t so…

  • the realest

    you cant try to have a message in a club record. that just doesnt mix. its like water and oil. the whole point of a club record is to capture their attension and make them want to buy the album, which is suppose to include those concious records. but to try to kill two birds with one stone, just doesnt mix and is an example of trying too hard. stick to the system.

    can u imagine someone in the club trying to pay attension to the lyrcis and grasp the message? hell the fuck no. they half drunk looking for some ass. the whole concept of the idea is just ridiculous.

  • ….


  • Bueller

    Frankly, I don’t understand all this hate. The hook doesn’t do the song any favors, but it adds to the story Nas is goin for. The beat goes. Verses are solid. I bump dis shit.

    Furthermore, I think its funny at the group mentality of these rap sites. You look over at DjBooth or HipHopWire and the comments are all positive. Here, a few people start to hate and suddenly everyone thinks this song is wack.

  • marty mcfly

    @the realest, thats the problem with the Nas lane though because people expect every song of his to contain a message and at the same time they also expect him to outdo most of the mainstream records cause he gets compared to the top artists and legends. Not making an excuse for Nas but just pointing out what I feel his a flaw in the Nas lane and another reason why you dont have too many successful conscious rappers in the last ten years imo.

  • the realest

    make the world go round
    hate me now
    got yo self a gun
    plus joints off distant relatives but will never get play on a wide scale bcuz its distant relatives.

    even the don. nas can make bangers. but the whole “ima put a message in it to” thing needs to stop.

  • GODr.


  • marty mcfly

    Only thing is the Nas brand of music is based in messages so if he completely lets that go in even just a few songs it will only make more rappers abandon conscious rap even more. At the same time it mite also have a negative effect on Nas brand because Nas is who people look at as the leader of that style. That part of hip hop is why you have certain albums being called classics and having longevity and without that you only get weaker and more watered down music, which is why the substance factor in rap from 2001- 2011 is nothing like what it was from 1990 – 2000. Which btw @kieioq is why I mentioned the “era” thing. I just bring it up cause I think music wise it has to be the most difficult balancing act a rapper can try to do. Making conscious rap as popular as other shit and at the same time compete with the gimmick biters. Oh yeah and you forgot Nas biggest mainstream shit ever btw, If I Ruled The World but I get the point.

  • ISpeakTruth

    Fuck are yall talkin about? This is dope. It’s called an UPDATE for a reason. Contemporary sound and still shittin. Good looks, Nas, for this one.

  • fghsfgy

    holy shit heard like 4 bars when he starts rapping in the beginning and had to stop….wtf i’m just going to act like this song was never even recorded

  • al

    the beat was given to nas from the gates of hell straight from the shadows of the darkest corners of eternity. that is all

  • First I Park My Car, Then I Fuck Your Bitch

    This is Tony Williams’ beat. Look up “I Know You Missed It”

  • ?

    cant believe all this hate. if hes so great doesnt that deserve some respect?
    feel like dude drops possibly greatest rap album thatll ever drop and he gets nothing but hate when his material isnt that good still. even if dude has been around for 20 fuckin years and still huge. i fuck with this, first verse is on point. “not nearly as good as ny state of mind tho!!!!! wtf nas?!?” fuck you.
    besides, nobody ever in music can do what they always did first album and never switch it up and also stay relevant

  • Gregory Kruxx