2Pac’s Hologram Might Go On Tour…

blame it on Illy April 17, 2012

2Pac’s hologram may be hitting the road in the coming months. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg are in plans to bring the resurrected rapper on tour with them. Dre first approached Digital Domain Media Group Inc. last year with the idea of creating a CGI imagine of Tupac Shakur, which costs somewhere between $100,000 and $400,000. “This is just the beginning,” said Ed Ulbrich, Digital Domain’s CEO. “Dre has a massive vision for this.” We will get to see Pac once again for weekend number two of the Coachella Music Festival on April 22.

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  • not a good idea. good idea for a one time tribute, but nothing more than that.

  • D’troit

    Everybody done whored out Pac since he died…..the ish just continues….~waits for Puff to bring out Biggie~…..oh that’s right, he said he got Ross for that, smfh….

  • thechronic92

    Although I think this is a terrible idea. I would die a happy man if I got a chance to see what would be “Up In Smoke 2”.

  • Doney

    Smh I knew they was going to over-exploit this. The effect is not going to be the same seeing it more than once. Unless they switch up the hologram and add some stuff from his personality, now that would be dope

  • fyhyfj

    maybe it’s just me but i didn’t get all emotional or nostalgic or whatever when i saw the hologram video…idk maybe because HE’S NOT REAL!!!. For me it’s the equivalence of an impostor look a like playing at the show.

  • DK

    It’s cool to do it for the rest of their performances at Coachella but it’d be kind of foul for them to use it anymore after that. Don’t understand why artists can’t RIP anymore it’s like MJ died two years ago and they’re still exploiting his death.

  • Kris

    tired of you bitch ass fan boys trying to tell everybody what is ok and what isnt. this gives people a chance to re-live one of the best musicians that ever lived… which was his fucking goal to begin with. to live on. And his mother is extatic about it. You have no fucking say on what is right and what is wrong. Dre dont need to “pimp” pac… dude is a fucking multi millionaire and ever expanding money and eminem on his team. This is a fresh idea, a dope use of technology, and a unique way of honoring a great musician. Everybody wins… no one cares about your fucking feelings nigga. We wanna see pac and there’s nothing you can do about it.

  • Mike Tomlin

    This was awesome as a tribute at Coachilla, incredible even, but let that man RIP.

  • Naut Humon

    I fucking give up on humanity.


    “let that man rip” ? the reason pac worked so damn hard was so that people would never forget. tf do you mean let him rest in peace? stop acting like you know what’s best for pac. ima tell my children’s children about that nigga.

  • BT

    How many of you actually got to see Pac preform live? I know I didn’t and would love to see a show, now if they over charge the shit out of it that is ridiculous, but I for one would love to see shows that I never even had the chance to see. So many artists have passed and left major legacies in their wake, and I for one think this is a great idea for the new generation that never got a chance to experience the legends in music. Tell me a Bob Marley concert wouldn’t be dope.

  • Randy

    one second its “let the man rest in peace” then next its “this wack new generation doesnt know shit about hip hop.” yall are confused as fuck

  • JAyP

    if they do make a tour I hope they show the REAL Tupac not the Gangsta Death Row Pac but the one that talked about Lifes problems but knowing this is not run by Pac himself it will just be all the “GANGSTA HITS”

  • Doney

    @BT u make a great point, it would be dope 2 c legends of the past resurrected like this.. And a Bob Marley concert would be incredible, I would pay 2 c that shit

  • Greg Fcker

    you guys will play wii and ps3 videos games all day depicting this shit but then catch feelings when its in the form of a concert. explain that to me

  • who cares

    I told you it would get out of control.

  • Mike


  • WestLA’s Finest

    *Charles Barkley Voice* “This gentlemen is TURRIBLE!”


    Being the huge Pac fan that I am i would love to see this since I was like 2 when he died, but I hate that they’ll be exploiting him like that.

  • k3

    2pac wanted to be immortalized, through this his legacy lives on, its not like dres making money off this, hes going in his own pocket to make this happen for the legacy, whether u like it or not, most of u will go to the concerts

  • Holy-Holyfield

    let him rest in peace, please and thank you…