Diddy Tops Forbes Five Wealthiest Rapper’s List of 2012

blame it on Illy April 17, 2012

Sean “Diddy” Combs tops Forbes’ Wealthiest Hip-Hop Artist’s of 2012 with an estimated net worth of $550 million. The Bad Boy founder’s fortune includes Ciroc vodka, his Sean John clothing line along with Enyce, marketing firm Blue Flame, and a handful of tech startups. Others who made the Forbes Five shortlist include Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter ($460 million), Andre “Dr. Dre” Young ($270 million), and more.

1. Sean “Diddy” Combs: $550 million
2. Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter: $460 million
3. Andre “Dr. Dre” Young: $270 million
4. Bryan “Birdman” Williams: $125 million
5. Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson: $100 million

READ: The Forbes Five: Hip-Hop’s Wealthiest Artists 2012 [via Forbes]

  • Seif

    smh… can’t hate though.

  • yerp

    damn homie, in ’03 you was the man homie…

    not hatin, just thinkin of where he coulda took things

  • JoynerJustine

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  • JoynerJustine

  • david

    but no one really gives a fuck about their music

  • @david
    Music is a business dude. Your favorite artist are losers with no class, manners, or code of ethics. Grown ups run thing thang called hip hop son. You can play all you want in little league but you gotta grow up for the major. Thats the issue with you young lames you think its all fun and games when hard work, dedication, and longevity is the name of the game.

  • CP

    The irony is that Jay-Z and 50 Cent are the only ones that really qualify as “rappers.” The other guys qualify more as regular businessmen than anything else.

  • who cares

    “rapper” lol

  • vnhnj

    but beside from Biggie, what has he really accomplished for hip hop music

  • franny

    ^^exactly yo

  • bem

    “Damn, where this poor as dollar come from” – Puff, lol!

  • jayfan

    cosign vnhnj!! outside of jay, when was the last time these dudes were relevant in actual hip hop music?!?

  • Troll Daddy Combs

    “The fuck is this? A dollar…?”

  • cosbysweater

    “What thee fuck is this YUCKY ass AB Lincoln doing in my stacks!?”

    *Calls Hitman for Hire*

    “Ayo this Diddy… Found a fuckin dollar in my stacks man! Kid nap my banker and have him fed to my pet hippos!”

  • Sheridan1900

    Remember when Jay said he would open up his accounts for Baby to look at? Haha

  • rich

    “I got my billions up fucking with them white folk
    now I don’t give a fuck cause I’m richer than them white folks”


  • Seif

    “Remember when Jay said he would open up his accounts for Baby to look at? Haha”
    Don’t worry, Jay is still richer lol. I doubt he’ll top Jay.

  • DG

    I lost thirty mill so I spent another 30
    cuz unlike Hammer 30 mill can’t hurt me

  • Duff

    is that nigga rapper anymore? lawl

  • ha

    lol jza failed

  • Dave

    Damn birdman is a broke nigga he got nuffin on jay

  • yo bitches side nigga

    Somewhere HOV has his nuts implanted in Beyonces mouth just laughin and gigglin while “sending a million dollars thru a hands free”……..

  • Silver Surfer

    ” A one dollar bill!?….. I told Cassie to quit these stupid ass jokes. Thinkin that shit cute puttin this shit in my stacks.”

  • Diddy saw Biggie in the dollar bill like Jesus in a tortilla.

  • he looks so confused @ that lone $1 bill (well, that’s what it looks like to me), lol

  • kGb

    a caption contest for this picture would be really funny, i died laughing at this picture lol, i’ve never seen before until today but i guess it’s old from what i heard

  • Ray

    “what… in the….. fuck…. is this?”

  • And Won

    music executive/moguls who at one point or another have rapped.

  • knowtheledge

    cosbysweater said “Abe Lincoln” on a $1 bill,and then spelled it wrong….damn! stay the f#@k in school…

  • ColorMeBrooklyn

    @vnhnj & @franny …u guys just showed ur knowledge (or lack there) of Hip Hop. …this is not a shot. But bro, do yourself a fav a research Puff & what he’s done for the game – PRE BIGGE & after. Musically, culturally, business wise etc.

    I’m also taking a guess that ur guys r not from NY? just a guess

    Besides even in Finding BIG & having the foresight on how to wrk him; the platform that he did it on – his own label at 24 thru the cosign of Clive Davis – was a 1st in Hip Hop. He got a Real budget/backing. He broke the mold to usher in real bread for Hip Hop. No more b.s. marketing dollars.

    Diddy did that

    sidebar: #FunFact Wonder what is the most played/popular Hip Hip song in history world wide? All about the benjamins

  • VSZ

    50 cent only came out in 2003 the others been around since the 90’s

    People forget that

  • jwiii

    dre cacked up off beats this year

  • basu

    “where are all it’s zeros??”

  • I definitely cosign with @ColorMeBrooklyn Puff changed hip-hop, especially in New York, please know your history before you blurt out negative comments.

  • Wu Tang

    50ty have not much money like them but he do the best with his money. ALL i have to say is ” STREET KING, FEED A CHILD”

  • R.E.D

    “Dre has been around since the 80’s, Puff been around since like 93, Jay released Reasonable Doubt in 1996, Birdman been around since the early 90’s and 50 came out in 2003”

  • bird

    how does dre make money? he doesn’t do anything..

  • the realest

    550 millie and counting i guess lol

    what puff did is undeniable. niggaz can hate all they want. its cool. not healthy tho.

    no puff, no biggie. its that simple. no puff, no hitmen. so that means even if in some farout world where biggie STILL became a rapper without puff, his sound would have sounded nothing like it did. cinematic concept neither, that was puffs idea. IF that was to happen.

    puff was already that-nigga when he found biggie, not the other way around. you nerds-who-obviously-cant-do-their-homework-before-hating.

    puff discovered, polished, and made mary j blige. a star thats bigger than biggie believe it or not.

    its not all about RAPPERS. rappers arnt politicans, doctors, jesus, none of that shit you all try to put em on and absolutly shit on everyone else in the process. they just write 16s lol. and get paid for it while you all are looking at them like their prophets smh.

    not to mention jodeci as well. more sorces of income pre-biggie. which allowed puff to build a big enough platform where he could take a chance on a completly unmarketable(im being kind with that word) artist when no one else would. and most likely would have just stayed in the streets. he wasnt as lucky as jay-z to link up with a dame.

    long story short, quit hating. its not healthy. now get back to listening to your immortal technique or whoever lol. thank you.


    Yall are some ignorant motherfuckers, homeboy said baby broke kuz he doesnt have as much money as jay z…. does that even make sense??That ghetto ass nigga made 125mz in one year! Broke, Really???

  • j

    ^ Can you read? It clearly says that this is the net worth of each of these guys. None of them made that amount in a year.

  • Bawse

    You guys are all dumb, diddy signed some big names, then and now, French Montana is one, guy hasn’t even dropped an album and he’s on hot 97 everyday, he does a lot of work with Cash Money, Rick Ross and so on…Diddy made rap commercial, took it mainstream, made it attainable, made making money for young black rappers cool. This guy is in everything, films alcohol, clothing, he’s involved on a such higher level now no one knows how influential he is.

  • daua

    diddy been around 4 a while…but sumbody buying dat bullshit…

  • Harding Prime

    People even forget about Diddy starting with Jodeci… Baby rappin his rappers, down south… Dre killin it with Beats… I’m laughin at people sayin 50 “came out” in 03. HaH, it was just the first time he was relevant, thanks to the aforementioned Dre. And a majority of his money is Vitman Water… And, Hova, the God, they ain’t even counting B’s Money’s. Thats money with an apostrophe!

  • IMUN

    WHERE S EM???