• respek

    e40 and djquik are the cali goats. period. end of discussion.

  • http://gdolboys.tumblr.com E.

    definitely can't stop laughing about you probably being 100% accurate with your Puff prediction

  • Mac Dre

    Man, you know E-40 had something to do with it. Look at how he is fidgety, moving around, and not looking at the camera after its brought up haha

  • who cares

    I doubt 40 had anything to do with this. I wouldn't even say he was fidgety, some people just can't stand still. I know I can't. I'm always moving around when I'm standing.

  • PhukRap

    E-40 should have his east coast pass revoked.

  • PW

    The 2Pac hologram dusting up more future violence.

  • stuyvesant

    holographic pac and holographic biggie should have a rap battle, and a gun battle, to end the debate once and for all.