Logic – Tic Tac Toe

blame it on Shake April 17, 2012

One last leak until the DMV native drops off his Young Sinatra: Undeniable project later this Spring.

DOWNLOAD: Logic – Tic Tac Toe

  • J

    This nigga is dope!

  • Ricky

    is this the same dude who bit drake underground kings and made a fakke me out video?

    these clones are getting annoying. how come you didnt sound like this before. the weekend sample isnt helping your case either. this is why i stopped clicking on the up and comers. they’re all just fucking biters.

  • Sir Escobar

    @Ricky, sampling is part of Hip-Hop. You really shouldn’t be surprised if up-and-comers used sampled beats. Its the culture of Hip-Hop/Rap today. Complaining about niggas sampling is just stupid if you are a fan of rap.

  • Ricky

    @sir escobar no one complained about sampling beats that wasnt even the point. the point was his sampling the weekend while everyone already thinks he’s a drake wannabe doesnt help his case.

  • @Ricky the song he sampled is dirty diana….the weeknd didn’t make that they covered it…its a michael jackson song..#JustSayin’

  • whythologic

    nah ricky saying logic taking drakes flow.. lets be honest he really is takin drakes flow. this track is ok but he shoulda stuck to his own flow..

  • Ricky

    @christinasade. apparently you have never heard the original dirty diana if you really think that’s the original beat. which boggles my mind to be honest with you. how could you not have heard the original dirty diana wow. even my 11 y/o cousin knows that song.

  • yo

    wow this dude is biting Drake’s flow heavy lately

  • milly

    just cause dudes sing dont mean they drake rofl stop it

  • drizzyyy

    99% of the time someone talks about “style bitting” they’re off by a mile…for the record, nothing Drake does is new..idk if u mean his voice actually sounds like him but either way its irrelevant

  • D

    Dope 30/4/2012

  • Rza

    Logic has said himself he takes inspiration from 90’s hip hop and blends it with new. He’s lyrically sound like rappers back in the day but adds a current flavor to it. If you listen to any of his mixtapes, you’ll see he can rap over any beat and has several styles

  • Do Right And Kill Everything

    Soap opra rappers all these niggas sound like all my children and thats who you think
    About to come and make killing, ii guess it’s really just me myself and all my millions- Drizzy