• listening

    worth a download

  • listening

    worth the download

  • johnnyboy


    great tape

  • blankie boy

    sorry, i do not want this scary ass cover in my itunes giving me nightmares

  • Asada

    Good Shit Shake, Finally giving FHOD some shine again. This Mixtape is fire btw. BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR THE FLY HIGH OR DIE MIXTAPE COMING OUT THIS FRIDAY "THE BEST VOL.2"

  • D_reck916

    Fly High or Die is next up! They've been ill from top to bottom and MFers finally catchin up

  • jackson


  • V

    I think people forget that Trade is in KILLOFF. Lmao so shout out to KILLOFF. And shout out to FHOD as well. Thank you for consistently making great music Mr. Voorhees.