Vintage: Notorious B.I.G. – Warning (BTS Video)

blame it on Meka April 17, 2012

Now, this brings back memories. Some classic video of Big’s Ready To Die single getting the visual treatment. In the clip Chris speaks on the success of his debut album, his name change and more. Props to miss info’s crew.

  • thth

    why is there no mention of Missy Elliot in this?

  • James

    he looks ripped

  • bigwill516

    Lmao @ that 1st comment

  • who cares

    This is crazy dope!
    The fact that the audio/video wasn’t in sync kinda irritated me, but that’s to be expected. This is an old ass video.

  • Her laugh is annoying as fuck.

    Id fuckin smack that hoe in the face and then apologize to her cause I aint about that life. But then when she’s on the ground i’d spit on that bitch face and get my boy Big Bubba and Jethro to run a train on this fugly ass bitch. After that I’d smack her in the face again and tell her to laugh but she’d be crying and shit. But I’d be like “Bitch you laugh one more time and Ima shit on yo muthafuckin face real talk.” and she’s like “hehehehehe”, so I go out to Mickey D’s and get a Filet-o-Fish and eat that shit and drink some prune juice and 4 hours later I diarrhea all over this hoe’s face.

    After that I give BIG daps and cut. Then I’d sit back and enjoy life.

  • richizzle

    did i really say at the end of the interview : “don’t play chronic coz this shit is wack” ????????????

  • cease

    is this the real big or a hologram?

  • zachariah

    He’s been fucking with bone since way back then, dope shit subliminal shout out to the legends.

  • Jim H

    He said Kwame.

  • Piss On Your Dreams

    she said the house was “phat”… old school like a muhfugga.

  • jon doe

    watched this last week, was such a great memory flash back bringing back the good old 90s! WE MISS BIGGIE!!!