Chester French – Black Girls (Video)

blame it on Illy April 18, 2012

Black Girls, Chester French’s honest and bold new single, meets a stunning video by acclaimed fashion photographer Francesco Carrozzini. The video stars the multi-talented Rie Rasmussen and Jodie Smith, who bring life to the band’s unabashed, hard-hitting celebration of feminine beauty and interracial love.”

Shouts to Karmaloop on the premiere. And if you like what you hear, the single is available on iTunes.

  • Anonymous.

    As a Black man, I’m not sure how I feel about this. I get it. I want to like it. But this is really strange for me. I have to think about it.

  • Walnuts

    chester french, yall aint getting no hoes…even with diddy. go back to your rich prep school, coke snorting white bitches

  • k

    @ anonymous, please explain more bro I’m a black man as well but it think it’s dope to hear another race show love to our women, I dont fully understand how else to take it?

  • WestLA’s Finest

    Not feeling this at all, why do white men feel the need to celebrate black women? Never heard of a latino group celebrate asian women or even blacks celebrating white women especially from a pop group.

    Stop diluting the black man woman and child. Culturally it seems as though its caucasian heritage to take things from other groups of people i.e. land, oil, food, resources, slaves, women, inventions, etc.

    I am not saying all because that would be false but the bottom line is we need more images of black men celebrating black women not white men celebrating black women.

  • f

    E 40 “White Girl” but it’s more about cocaine.

  • D-Rack

    I love this video, its to the point and the girl they have isn’t some dolled up barbie and its nice to see this. At the end of the day we’re all human so what does diluting the black man woman and child really mean? I get what you’re trying to say but that seems like you want to keep the ‘bloodline pure’ and that’s crap.

  • WestLA’s Finest

    @ D-Rack
    I would expect you to say “seems like you want to keep the ‘bloodline pure'” First off, whenever someone says ‘seems’ it’s based off an assumption/hunch and not fact and the fact is I never said that nor do I believe in that.
    What I do believe is that the current state of black men and women and the family in general needs time to work on itself for a while for obvious reasons. It does not need to be at the forefront of high interracial dating percentages. Why? Because that’s how all races and cultures survive buy producing more of themselves and passing down positive traditions. What happens to the black seed if the black seed LARGELY becomes the biracial seed? Its not the black seed anymore… Especially is the white man is head of the black household. Is that supposed to be good for the black family? Its broken wit that model.

    I live in L.A. and here I see Mexicans, Persians, Indians, Ethiopians, etc. all starting fams within their own, that’s natural. Of course here and there people find love wherever it leads them and that is ok and fine. But I always see the white guys with asian, black, latino, Indian women. I don’t see other men of these ethnicities doing that nowhere near as much. Why is that?

    Bottom line this video is more about the fascination of black women sexuality more so than her actual traits. 2 girls kissin ain’t artistic beauty. this been goin on since day one in Virginia

  • QB

    I’m not mad.. niggas do songs about Asian girls (Murs) White girls, Latina girls etc. And they rarely put any dark skin women in their videos, so if a White boy wants to do a song celebrating Black women, go ahead..

  • marty mcfly

    Chester French is actually a really dope group that I dont think meant any disrespect at all by making this video. I actually appreciate the subject matter coming from such a group because they take time to create alot of multi layered music thats sounds genuine in the end. This is not the first time they have incorporated black culture in their music while at the same time staying true to their own style. Some artists do things just for attention or shock value but for Chester French thats not the case, they just make good songs imo.

  • KennyWoo

    DAMN, I’ve been waiting for some new CF for so long now. This song is amazing, kinda weird on the first listen but it’s grown on me after 20 straight listens. Ya’ll need to stop over thinking and hating on everything. He likes black women so the fuck what, more power to him. As the great Keorapetse Kgositsile said “Integrate bloodpools, not toiletrooms”

  • DC

    As a proud black man, I applaud Chester French for making a song with such a bold title/concept, and actually making it work. I’m not mad at this song whatsoever, I’m actually on my 3rd listen so far. Props to these dudes.

  • WestLA’s Finest

    all dude is sayin is he’s “tasted the rainbow” and now he got a thing for black women, no big deal but this aint no heart felt tribute to black women and who they are as people… he likes to fucc black girls, yea me too but yall praisin these dudes like this is Dear Mama or Brendas got a baby.

    call me a hater but I aint rollin’.

  • Jammin

    We all human man. Let them express their love for another type of
    Human gotdam.

  • Im a chair

    Niggas writing essays in the c-sections fuck yo opinion

  • Shy

    these white boys like black girls. pretty straight forward.

  • WestLA’s Finest

    You know what after a few spins this song isnt all that serious, all the guys are doing is like Jamin said is expressing their love for another type of women. I can digg that.

    On another note though, I still aint with the over abundance of white dudes making families with our black women and that is a totally separate issue from this song. That said my opinion on that issue aint changin so if you dont like that I dont really care.

    now back to the positivity

  • MercyMe

    @WestLA’s Finest…I’m surprised Darwinism hasn’t weeded narrow-minded fucks like yourself out yet. Until then…have fun keeping your personal small shred of racism (which you will deny) alive. People like people. Forget race. Get the fuck over it. Pussy.

  • k3

    @WestLA’s Finest if you havnt heard any other ‘race’ express there love for another ‘races’ women you havnt looked very far past….well your nose..

    on another note….this shits hot :D

  • jjj

    They studies African history at Harvard…Im positive they know more about us than a lot of us. But why be mad about this when you wouldn’t care if it said white girls? They like black girls…they have that right.

  • DeShaun

    @WestLA’s Finest… lmaoooo MercyMe so true, on top of that bro I dont know what the fuck your lookin at but I live in Vancouver, I myself am mixed I have a black dad and a white mom, I gotta lot of mixed friends only one of them has a white dad all the rest are black so your point seems invalid, not that it should even matter like MercyMe said forget race you ignorant fuck

  • i’m white, my gf is black, unfortunately in this day and age it’s okay to be racist to white people, so many times when we’re out we get comments/looks from black guys who obviously don’t like the fact we’re together. I’m Australian, so my ancestors were also slaves, and i get treated like an ex slave driver when truthfully I don’t see color, I’m with my gf because she’s a great person, not because she’s black. If you take a good look around, (outside of the US) you’ll find that there are less 100% white people than 100% black, this opinion that white people are trying to dilute the African blood is absolute bullshit.

  • Chestnut Buttersworth

    Well said Stuyvesant. Over here in England I’ve dated both black and white girls (and a Sri Lankan). I’m white. Everyone is a mix from somewhere or anouther. Due to people moving all over the place in this globalised world we’re bound to date people from other places. Saying that it’s ruining your “bloodline” is racist pure and simple. The slave issue is irrelevant on this continent as most of the black girls I know come from the Caribbean’s or West Africa.


    Me too.

  • factormax

    white women get degraded all the time in hip-hop. specifically and explicitly. i’m white, and i don’t really care. so i don’t think this should even be any kind of talking point.

  • panoble


  • Dr. Seuss/maria’s Child

    First and foremost, I totally get the concept and point of the song. this isn’t 1954 and interracial dating isn’t an anomaly, its prevalent throughout the US. but I think that point is lost because by having the two women engage in sexual acts, they reinforce the stereotype that homosexuality is virtually a perversion and hypersexual activity…

  • White Guy

    Black girls give me boners.

  • U need a hug

    It is what it is and it’s luv and positivity. Take that negative shit elsewhere.

  • TheWorld

    …Biracial People Are The Best..So Chill. Lets All Get A Touch Of The Tar Brush.

  • Billie

    Love this video! finally a song that talks about black women in a positive light and doesn’t call them bitches or hoes. Bravo chester french can’t wait for the album! read an interview with them where it claims both members of the band are actually in interracial relationships. i think its great. although the video is a little too raunchy for my taste, i really enjoy the message. The whole world IS truly turning brown. buying the single for sure.

  • Seth


    Being that I was raised around mainly mixed/bi-racial folks, a lot of you are a bunch of pains, if you ask me, but at least you’re a product of what I agree with.

    Love the song. Black girls are beautiful and definitely on my radar.