• http://beiyou.tumblr.com/ bei you

    This sound like something A$AP Rocky would be on.

  • detroit89

    i remember back in 08 Black mags video and i thought that beat was so tight. got me hooked to the cool kids when i got the totally flossed out ep. first rappers i saw rocking skinny jeans and it made me cop a pair.

  • Looking Like A Louie V Mannequin

    This nigga is the truth, he brought back I can't stand the rain in 2012. Haha, missy should hop on this shit and make it official.

  • http://Tumblr.com Pennies&Mags

    -Chuck always delivers, him and Mikey brought all that fresh shit back YEARS ago, not fucking Big Sean or Tyga... The Cool Kids always killed shit and were fresh as fuck doing it, word to my Gold and a pager days... Haha

  • CoolCat

    this beat would've been like 10x better if they added the "vrooom" part