Clear Soul Forces: Sound & Vision (Documentary)

blame it on Shake April 18, 2012

By now y’all should have already heard (or really need to listen to) the group’s Detroit #Revolutions LP. Now, thanks to Red Bull Soundstage, we get an look into their lives. A real look at growing up in Detroit, their aspirations, dreams and various struggles that they face daily. Shouts to Royce on the cameo.

  • bladaoh

    best group ive heard come out of michigan in a minute. hope these dudes blow up foreal

  • roro

    Props, I lived in the Detriot for school for the past 3 years and trust me, its craaaaazzy…keep ya heads up

  • Jtron

    Love the album, can’t wait for more. The new Pharcyde.

  • Good lookin y’all! Appreciate all the support for real

  • $$$

    I like when good people persevere. They have a good future.

  • BIG D O

    ha! I went to high school with Jarrell in CO… his older sister was in my grade…

  • digging u young katz…keep on pushing…1love peace

  • oh great another J-Roc to keep track of