• Ghosti

    Ayee Dj Soko ! Dude, Was Teachin Me How To Dj Dope Song Btw

  • The Man

    Shout to Soko! Chill track

  • http://speechismyhammer.com William E. Ketchum III

    Soko puts in work, great to see him dropping material. Beat is crazy, and Guilty really went off on this. Can't wait for the project to drop

  • http://Www.twitter.com/belowthehvns BTH


  • http://hotmail.com Ryan Fox

    Dude, those biggie scratches go hard in the paint. The Left. Gas Mask. Killed it. cant wait to cop on this. stay gold baby.

  • http://roborobb@hihillrecordings.com Robo-Robb

    wobbly wobbly drop drop it like it is hot