Mac Miller – Cold f. Curren$y (prod. Chuck Inglish)

blame it on Meka April 18, 2012

Mac and Spitta link up for the first time over Chuckie’s booming bassline.

DOWNLOAD: Mac Miller – Cold f. Curren$y (prod. Chuck Inglish)

  • Yo

    Does Mac ever take a day off? Seriously, he’s not the most talented boul out there but damn, respect the work ethic n shit.

  • h

    Why would Spitta be on a song with this clown? Mac Miller is garbage.

  • Jokesss

    – pretty smooth

  • clint chudyk

    damn, Chuck Inglish just isn’t capable of making a lame beat

  • i can digg it

  • DP

    nah H, you’re wrong. he’s not garbage. this song is tight though. chuck inglish is that nigga when it comes to the smooth instrumentals. can’t wait for his next beat tape dropping friday.

  • andyouthoughtyouknewme

    Damn, Spitta does this so effortlessly I dont even care he’s always rapping about the same shit.

  • DorseyAllan

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  • DorseyAllan

  • LOL @ the haters, this shit is mad nice. Mac knows how to do Mainstream shit and Underground shit.

  • AK

    Hell yea, this shits got a Q-tip vibe to it tho

  • Yesterday I was wondering if there ever has been a Curren$y – Mac Miller collab, now there is ^^

  • Doom Dap

    and when mac filler becomes dope

  • Jeff

    I expected a lot more

  • Rozko


    When will niggas give this man he deserves as a lyricist…..

  • Melo15

    Chuck is dope… but he straight up killed chip the rips career

  • Watson

    @Melo15 How?

  • amazing

    im falling asleep to this song. NEXT.



    spitta was the only reason i clicked this song

  • v.p.

    first Mac Miller joint I ever dug.

  • gr00ve


    that’s exactly what i’m sayin doe

  • Good

    hate on mac all you want but he got spitta and chuck on the beat and thats worth somethin

  • Rock

    I’m not crazy about Mac personally but I do think he is talented and definitely on his grizzly. However, I can’t fuck with this track. I mean I get it’s supposed to sound like a 90’s era Tribe type track but honestly, If I want to hear that, I’ll listen to Tribe’s discography cuz it’s 1000x better. Spitta always reps.

  • dirtysixchambers

    I was waiting for a booming bass line but it never came? Good song and beat still though.