• Drizzy

    This is Michael Jackson's nephew, and Rebbie's son if you weren't aware.

  • http://theedopeshow.com the rap bandit

    Dude looks like he has menage a trois with guys.

  • that truth

    this blog is symbolic of the hip hop scene today:you have several shitty writers (shake you're clearly the best <3) but update your blog 1000 times a day so people come. just as shitty rappers stay active and vigorously promote themselves. word

  • Illaiiller

    Thank u Shake just became a Fan of a New artist cuz of u lol

  • Vito Corleone

    dude sounds so much like MJ but has his own style too. He's dope

  • Kelvin

    I was so surprised you guys made the mj comparison. Thats what I said.

  • LodiDodi

    holy crap this is some good music