• ColeTam

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  • .

    This is more like it, curren$Y! back to that old flow

  • jetlifenextlife

    Cookin Soul! Sick production


    Is Curren$y still droppin covert coup 2 tomorrow?

  • eZ

    the beat is dope.. saiight..

  • http://m meat

    I bet covert coup wont come out on 420 even though he indicated it would on twitter about 5 months ago. No mentions of it ever since. and alchemist is releasing an ep for free tom with Ohno.
    would have been amazing if it did come out though.

  • Kobe

    Yeah he keeps tweeting about the Stoned Immaculate. But who knows, Spitta is known for surprising fans and dropping tapes. I HAVE FAITH lol

  • es

    jacked this beat off of "will smith - cruisin"