• wat

    His belly button...

  • EC

    @wat beat me to the punch. Why would he choose this picture

  • wackness

    Is absolutely disgusting..thanks for bringing that to my attention...

  • Sprosma

    Tummy Prolapse Alert.

  • FarleyHarriet

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  • vivo

    nah meka this is a fresh drake verse...just has a really Take Care feel to it

  • http://www.readingisfortherich.com Readingisfortherich.com

    His belly button looks the head of my penis #nohomo

  • sb

    That was all homo bruh

  • mag

    gay shit nigga

  • This guy

    Nothing but homo.

  • Uu

    Fuck the song, let's talk about how gay that comment was.

  • trufisbak

    what wackness said...

  • BeingReal

    Dude got a pregnant belly button. How homo is that...yuk!
    Major fail!

  • Kermit The Frog

    I heard Drake sucked it out before writing his verse #YOLO

  • Riky

    this is why i stopped checking for up and coming rapper on 2db. they are fucking wannabes. unoriginal dickriding niggas. at least this nigga got permission but the shit is still lame as fuck. this is just a drake song with this nigga hanging on his coattail. these newcomers have no artistic bones in their body. just wanna do what's already been done and shit

  • https://twitter.com/#!/DRAKE Drake

    I'm a sucker for niggas with cute belly buttons #youonlyliveonce #YOLO #thatsthemotto #realniggasdorealthings #toughlove #vaselineondeck #ramennoodles #universalstudios #holograms #bellybuttons

  • http://super-maui.com MAUI



    Nigga ate so many dicks the shit's coming(pause) out his belly.

  • Brad

    aint this nigga from the track, Breathe Eazy by game..... this niggas old

  • Ms. Frizzle

    he should've colored on it with a brown sharpie or something.

  • Weezy F. Baby and the F is for Phenomenal

    ^^^Sucked it till the brown came off - Lil Wayne

  • Coffin

    dead at the comments

  • Captain ChRon

    LMFAOOOOOO ya'll niggas got me over here in tears with these comments hahahaha

  • http://overwhelmingclass.tumblr.com/ Debo

    Bhahahah no lie, only come to 2db to laugh at these comments. These shitzzz is jokes!