Gary Clark Jr. – Bright Lights f. Nas

blame it on Illy April 20, 2012

Austin-based blues musician Gary Clark Jr. releases his new single “Bright Lights” featuring Nas which will play as the official theme music of the 2012 NFL Draft airing Thursday, April 26 at 8 p.m. Props to Complex.


DOWNLOAD: Gary Clark Jr. – Bright Lights f. Nas

  • Kill

    This song has been out for about a year, but the Nas verse is new. The Bright Lights EP that he dropped last year is definitely worth checking out.

    PS- Doesn’t it hurt your soul watching Nas right now? You can fight the industry for almost 20 years, but in the end, no matter who you are, they WILL break your back and you WILL sell out sooner or later.

  • M. Bison

    Nasir, I strongly encourage you to purchase a gym membership. You will not be able to continue your quest for complete rap music dominance if you are not in peak physical shape. This is why Kelis had sex with your pool cleaner and YOU are paying child support.

    I have stood in the rafters watching many performances from Dom Kenedy to Rick Ross to 50 Cents and Donal Glover. The first two have trouble breathing, the second two are lively and energetic. I recommend some Shadoloo cardio. Wind sprints and 5 miles daily while reciting your lyrics.

  • haha

    This “Bright Lights Rmx” is very good. Nice work Gary Clark and Nasir Jones. Gary’s EP is definitely worth the listen…he is one “bad ass dude.”
    Haters need a life & they NEVER prosper. Haters are confused about the term “sell out.”

  • Kill

    ^Rick Ross (twice), Nicki Minaj, Tyga, Lil Wayne… now commercials? All of that is post-Kelis. He may not have “sold out” in the traditional sense, but Nas’s finances have definitely got him making some different choices than he used to. Nobody needs to be a “hater” to notice that.

  • lol umm

    no-h… but Nas lost a lot of weight in 09-10 when he was with the Marley’s. Looks like he’s piled on abit since.

  • Kuruption

    No one named Gary Clark should ever come from Dallas….Redskins!

  • QB

    @Kill I agree kinda, he’s doing a lot of guest appearances for the cash now but I ain’t mad.. Nas used to keep a low profile between albums, and not do a lot of features. To me the test will be his next proper album. If he has Nicki & Wiz Khalifa types on his lp, then I guess you could say he’s “selling out”..

  • LMAO

    Well I guess being c0-owner of Guerilla Union and co-producing documentaries with his own money is selling out as well and owning several commercial properties is selling out as well. People have NO clue about Nas’ money but be steadily acting like they are his financial advisor…STFU how about you agree about that.

    All these people talking about Nas’ money are about to look dumb in a few LOL!