Random Acts of F*ckery: Suge Thinks Pac’s Alive Edition

blame it on Shake April 20, 2012

As if the 2D Pac wasn’t enough this week, Suge bounces off some nonsensical gibberish about how he still thinks Pac is alive. During a chat with Tattoo and Cee Cee on 93.5 KDay in Los Angeles, Suge had the following to say.

Maybe the question is… Pac’s not really dead… Pac’s somewhere else. Nobody seen Tupac dead. The person who supposedly cremated Tupac… the guy got about 3 million dollars… personally from me… cash… and next thing I know I never heard from the guy or seen him again… he retired and left.

… yeah.

  • I Call Bullshit ….

  • who cares

    ^Well it’s Suge so what do you expect?

  • John

    This nigga suge was behind the whole shit. He knew what happend. How he gonna say he had a bullet still in his head. Doctors don’t leave bullets in you and the doctors report said he never got shot. This nigga just tryna save his ass and make it seem like he wasn’t apart of it. I mean if I did it, Id save my ass too but shits just fucked up. This nigga had police working for death row and they knew how to kill without leaving evidence. Why you think pacs and biggies killers haven’t been caught? Fake ass nigga. R.I.P Pac

  • DBS

    I saw an interview with the audio engineer who did the Tupac audio, that was interesting and informative, this, not so much.

  • Akil L.

    Smh Suge gonna get what he deserves. I just don’t know how he sleeps at night .

  • jojoba

    Wasnt that fuck motherfucker right next to him in the car

  • NYdreams

    rofl this really is a random act of fuckery tho… he made it even more obvious that he was involved in the murder of pac smh

  • antoine

    Only a stupid mothafucka would think he is dead.

  • Raaer

    @antoine you are the dumbest fucker on the planet.

    Suge is just jealous of the hologram publicity so he’s trying to deflate the hype by making an even bigger claim. that is all. this dude has no shame.

    if pac was alive i dont think afeni would have mourned him all these years, made tributes, tv specials, movies, built schools, foundations, statues, and released posthumous albums in his loving memory.

    bottom line suge is just trying to undermine to monument of the hologram. dude is envious.

  • Haha Suge lost his mind. He was just talking

  • Sounds like Suge forgot his lines.

  • DonKilluminati

    I don’t know what you guys are talking about, I saw Tupac at an in and out about a week ago.

  • DatGuy

    Why does he keep saying 2D?

  • KoopstaMC

    Big Ups for Suge tryin to keep Pac’s name alive… LONG LIVE 2PAC!!!

  • TheActOfPredictibilaty

    i seen this in rapradar and i figured it would be a RaOF on 2dbz *yeezy shrug*

  • DocCosmos

    “I got a 45 inch bullet in my head by grabbin 2pac down.”