• Suff

    damn shitty Tity Boiiiiii

  • Rudy

    How do you download? That site redirects you to nothing.

  • willmofo

    Shit's fucked up, please fix this shit!

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    ^^ check your DL spot... it starts automatically.

  • willmofo

    Nah, nothing! The site dubcnn keeps saying "our bad"!!!

  • Braniak

    Godd Lookin' out DGP keep the West Alive!


  • henery25

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  • me

    fukkin dj tags... ):

  • http://www.beats4kings.com/ beats4kings

    Real WEstCoast Shit plus they got my niqqa DOM on a track #F_I_R_E