Women, Weed and Weather…

blame it on Illy April 20, 2012

Kendrick Lamar’s new single (or Biggie’s Going Back to Cali) said it best… women, weed and weather. And even if you don’t partake in today’s ritual, you can still check the rest of this post for some images to help make you a better person.

It looks like Complex relatives had a similar idea. Check out their “50 Photos of Women Up in Smoke” here.

  • WizLaughhahaha

    Bad birches and good weed.

  • @tooreckless

    smh, every girl is either white or mad light skin….im not complaining but damn, yall need variety

  • da

    I saw alot of women and weed and barely any weather

  • the best one here is the thick goddess in the blue undies!!! who dat ???

  • YeDaTruth

    girls smoking is actually a turnoff. it’s cool if they do it, but to me the actual image is not so sexy. just saying.

  • dat shit sexy

  • M&M

    Only these girls can make smoking look attractive

  • CoolCat

    feel like I’m scrolling down my tumblr dash..

  • Such a turn off grey lips are not sexy!

  • titties

    what’s what the fat bitch

  • a

    feel like I’m scrolling down my tumblr dash..

    this, just need a few random ass gifs

  • who cares

    So you’re not gonna mention STS’ “WWW”?
    feel like I’m scrolling down my tumblr dash..
    this, just need a few random ass gifs
    And porn gifs. Tumblr is filled with that shit.

  • nibs

    smoke is only thick like that when you don’t inhale. in all these pics it looks like only one girl is blowing a puff out. fake model sluts.

  • Elder

    ^ have you ever done a ghost?, probably not so stfu you don’t know shit

  • @who cares EXACTLY!!! lol. I thought it was only me.

  • ricky

    lol niggas got tumblrs?? lol. pseudo-artsy ass niggas posting other people’s work to express their own non-individuality.

  • beeazt

    ^ that niggas funny as fuck lmao

  • gasoline


  • Dis pics is hottttt

  • marty mcfly (not really)

    good thing im not gay… hold up… fuck…

  • blueundies

    why is Ricki Lake included in this?