• http://thecryptonline.com vega

    Can't beliebe you guys are givin this clown promo, theguy who had an album cover of tupac fucking biggie in the ass is gonna teach me respect? Fuck that noise, this post should be a random act of fuckery

  • A Reader!

    ^^ cosign !! After dat cover this mediocre rapper using words like respect tryna be philosphical and shit on us !! But even if i totally put that aside i highly doubt this gonna be some revoltutionary rhymes on racism.... At best it will be a decent release but mostly another forgettable mixtape on DopeBoyz!!

  • Hologram 2pac

    This shit is dope , get off yall feelings.

  • http://thehumbleconnection.tumblr.com RDLN64

    "Supercalafragalisticexpialidocious flow???!" I'm sorry, but I couldn't get past the intro when I heard that. Only a child would find this stuff dope -- no disrespect. He just sounds like another carbon copy "clever line every 8 bars" rapper to me. Meka how long are you going to continue to drop the ball Sun? I'm hoping this is just fluff or filler, because this was a waste of a download. Can anyone recommend a stand out track on this "mixtape," before I throw this shit in my trash can? Please!

  • fuck assad

    i was like this guys name looks familiar and the story of the mixtape sounds dope.bur then the above comments reminded me who this disgusting lame was and i didnt download itthank goodness.smfh@ thinkin it was cool to disrespect biggie and pac like that.his chances of makin are over after that

  • A Reader!

    ^^ Hey fellas approach the stuff with some balance... dont go all out hating like your screen name with "fuck asaad" ... that kinda shit puts all of us as "HATERS" !!!

    BUT I aint hating... the artist did this to himself with dat "respectful" cover on some Charles Hamilton fuckery !!!

    Its clear we got upper hand, if not look at the response from Asaad's alone fan @Hologram2Pac (so far) !!!

    And I done did give this a listen and as expected its average-to-good stuff (mostly the production is good) but no song as whole really stood out to hop onto my MP3 player !!!

  • that truth

    heard this dude was black thought's protege and listened to his last tape...fucking terrible. stop posting this faggot or charge him more

  • godflow

    stop hating. this shit is dope.

  • Jrock

    The beats on the tape > ... Kid had one bad idea now he sucks ???? ... Gave the tape a listen and the boy got flow... He doesn't sound like anyone else, which is why I'm starting to like him a little more... That lil nigga can pick beats to!!!

  • RSX

    She snort a line, she suck my dick.
    Rolex in the collection plate, grin on my face during the sermon cuz the sex was great.
    In the middle of Hellbound and Heaven Sent.

    ...dude has memorable stuff, if nothing else.

  • fuckhaters

    asaad is tough, stop hatin. single covers dont mean shit.

  • K$C

    People still mad over the Boss Status cover? Get over it Asaad nasty.

  • YourFather

    Don't get caught in your emotions because shits DOPE from start to finish..... it's a mixtape no one is forcing it into any car or iPod you own.