Pharrell – Places and Spaces I’ve Been (Book Preview)

blame it on Miss_Peas April 21, 2012

Cover art for Pharrell’s upcoming book Places And Spaces I’ve Been which is set to drop on October 16th. The book is written by Pharrell and also features words from Jay-Z, Ambra Medda, Nigo and Takashi Murakami. Pre-order here. P recently sat down with GQ and spoke about the book:

GQ: Tell me about your upcoming travel book, Places & Spaces I’ve Been.
Pharrell: It’s just things and people that have moved me and inspired me around the world and that I am also honored to know.

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  • dgbfbfzgn

    this poorly done halftone Redskull P face with very ugly sans serif font can’t be the cover for such a creative artist

  • Mike

    Cant wait.

  • Wonton Soup

    @ dgbfbfzgn i kinda like the font, it reminds me of some old school shit you get at the library where you gotta choose which way to go. i read on once and it was about a treasure in a cave, but i took the wrong and the indians threw spears in my back. now that i think about it. FUCK THIS FONT. REDO IT P

  • LexiCon

    if this is a travel book, I’m fine with it. But I’m so tired of rappers writing autobiographies, novels and “philosophy books”. It’s corny and stupid. Especially if you got a word “nigga” 20 times on a single page.

  • ThugBoss

    P think he Donald Byrd or something?