Random Acts of Fuckery: Suge Wants to Fight Rick Ross

blame it on Shake April 21, 2012

Oh man. Not only does Suge Knight still believe 2Pac is alive, but he also wants to beat the dog shit out of Rick Ross because he’s cool with Diddy and dropped Tupac Back?

I can’t sit up here and say I’m bitter to Rick Ross, cause like anybody else, we don’t know Rick Ross. That’s a guy who uses somebody else’s name. This guy comes from being a correctional officer. I don’t got nothing negative [against him] personally, I just feel like he do do good music, and you can’t take that from him.

That boy got bars, he’s gonna write… at the same time, I feel like there’s a line you cross, and Rick Ross crossed that line. If you’re gonna be with guy [Diddy] who killed Tupac, you can’t go turn around and do a record [called] ‘Tupac Back’. Rick Ross is a grown ass nigga. I’ll beat the dog shit out of Rick Ross for manipulating these people out here.

Wait… let me make sure I got the facts straight. Diddy killed Pac, but… Pac is still alive? And where does 2D Pac stand in all of this? I’m so confused. Haha… silly Suge.

  • D

    Shoutout Suge. Ross Fat Ass Aint bout To Fight Nobody.

  • Failing

    Ghost of Shake Is becoming one of the cooler guys on this site

  • SupremeSoulstice

    I dunno, Suge got qualities of a nigga who bi-polar or schitzo.. whatever it is, the nigga mental ain’t right.. So Ross can’t admire a nigga if he get along wit that nigga’s enemies? Grown ass men acting like babies.. sandbox shit..

  • cRASH

    word, he’s still alive but diddy killed him? someone is on that water.


    Suge is an idiot. if tupac is alive how in the hell did puffy kill him. if pac is alive he has no reason to be mad at puff cause that obviously means puffy aint kill him. i guess the last time suge got knocked out by that 160 lbs dude he lost some marbles instead of teeth.

  • jdz

    You can’t denie the fact that Rick Ross needs to be fucked up, frontin’ like he’s a drug dealer but people refuse to aknowledge how fake he is.

  • ghost of rick ross

    suge better chill before chief keef fuck him up.cuz he dont like hatin ass niggas

  • Eternally Immature

    hehe he said “do do”

  • Obama Friend Chicken

    Damn Suge,

    No talk of tupac for years on a serious note but when the Hologram Tupac comes out, he then says he is still alive, and now this tupac back crap.

    This guy is cursed for real.

  • smellman


  • DK

    Lmao sit your crazy ass down somewhere.

  • who cares

    lmao while I do feel Suge is a dumbass, I do agree Ross needs to be laid the fuck out. Frontin’ like he’s hard, takin’ a drug dealers name, claiming he sold drugs, bitch you were a fuckin’ pig.

  • LexiCon

    Suge is acting silly, of course, but I’d like to see an actual fight between these two. And I think Suge would win. He’s still got muscle under the fat. And Rick Ross is…well just fat.

  • SupremeSoulstice

    Lexi Suge been getting knocked out and molly wopped by two little niggas in his last fights.. He need to just sit down and hursh

  • Joe.

    How are you going to contradict yourself in the same conversation like that aha.

  • Tiiz

    Fat nigga fight! Fat nigga fight!

  • BrooklynPete

    i find it funny everyone attacks ross but no one has the balls to say nothing about meek mill who actually the one rapped on the song, i noticed alll ross’s enemies stay away from talkn about meek,from 50cent given meek mill a s/o on 106&park to jeezy sayn he was the next best thing out..they must of heard what meek was about in them philly streets us ny niggas know and if anybody say anything bad about meek they got beanie sigel and gillie da kid and all them niggas on they head..

  • dmdproom

    it is now april 21st 2012 didnt tupac back come out in april of 2011? because that self made album came out in early may

  • smh122

    I don’t think he was serious about thinking Tupac is still alive..

  • Jabz

    diddy killed biggie, not pac.

  • troll

    pac was shot 7 times so he is alive

  • Belz

    Butterbean would win.

  • Cap

    Channel 10ABC Breaking News here. Former Run DMC Rap Artist Reverend Run’s son Diggy killed 2pac. This is his 2nd homicide in months, previously Diggy was spotted murdering the late Jermaine Cole. Back to Bob in the studio.

  • Truth

    I do feel like Diddy was involved in 2pac’s murder case.
    Because 2pac gets shot and blames Notorious B.I.G (who didn’t do it)
    And then diddy drops a old track of biggies titled who shot ya ? that created stirs all over..

  • david

    diddy shot hitler

  • Flawed Nursery Rhymes

    I read the RAOF Article, Immediately look to the top of the page and see a RICK ROSS REEBOK AD LOLOL. ROZAY wins this round ha. If i were diddy i’d tell suge to shut his damn mouth, “IM THE RICHEST “RAPPER” IN THE WORLD, NIGGA”

  • Driia P

    okayy so we talkin boud dah same suge knight dhet got knocked dfuckk out by a skinney white boy…….baaahahahaaha all rick godda duh is sit on his ass.!!