What's A Chief Keef?

blame it on Meka April 21, 2012

"I Don't Like"

When this artwork for the remix to "I Don't Like" sprang up last night, some folks were wondering who the hell Chief Keef was, and how he managed to secure an all-star cast for his song. I've been reading about him ever since I was asked to spin his music at a show I did in Florida last week* (where I asked that question you see above), and I found this piece in Complex and this more in-depth joint over at Gawker.

A 16-year-old from the South Side of Chicago, he's been steadily buzzing locally for the last year or so, before a certain video on a certain website threw him into the spotlight which had folks asking the same aforementioned question you see above. The homie Andrew over at Fake Shore Drive has been one of Keef's earliest supporters, where I was able to get more info on him, but instead of regurgitating what everyone else has said about him I figure I'd take this lazy Saturday morning to express my thoughts on the guy.

It's ratchet as shit. Like, extremely ratchet. Imagine if the riotous energy Lex Luger and Fozzie Bear mated with the nihilistic, recently-got-shot-9-times 50 Cent and created its own thugged-out offspring, and you have Chief Keef. It's not lyrically heavy (read: not at all), and it's more of a Trap Muzik than T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle state of mind. If you're more into rap's soulful, "music-with-a-message" stylings, chances are you won't fuck with him musically. However, if you enjoy your music that's light on meaning and heavy on #BrilliantIgnorance every once in a while, then you may enjoy his music. Kanye seems to really enjoy it a lot, which likely prompted this collaboration. I'm personally on the fence about Keef, but that may change once this remix drops and/or I get another Chief Keef request at a party I spin (I'm a bit more prepared this time). SHAKE EDIT: Me? I agree 100% with my TSS family and their thoughts.

That's my two pennies on the matter. Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks, I'm off to be with my favorite person in the world.

* - Interestingly enough, the show where the guy requested Chief Keef was headlined by Reks. Or, interesting to me at least.

  • Varsityballin


  • sounds like a perpetual hook

  • 33goon

    what is it with you up north folk stealing down south shit ??? thats is that ATL shit yall & Style yall jacked H town yall niggas talking about they Trill & yall all sip lean now huh lol

  • hip hop fan

    respiration said it best; "sounds like a perpetual hook". Which is wack.

    Thumbs up for the beat... but, 2 thumbs down for the lack of lyrical content & the repetitive of hook.

    I bet that it goes HAM in the club tho.

  • Mac Dre

    BasedGod fucks with him heavy too. Lil B hoped on the remix for his first online hit (I use that term lightly) "Bang," which is ignorant as it sounds. Check it out. I'm surprised Mek didn't mention that since Kanye isn't the first big name feature Keef's had.

  • Tel Aviv

    I was cool with this until the agree with TSS 100% part. Everybody asks for authenticity until its somebody who is really authentic. Then it's "too real" and he shouldnt be saying that with all the killing going on and blah blah. I was shocked when I saw Gotty write that and worse that you cosign it. Salute to Keef hopefully this gets him and his whole fam out the hood "not the rap hood" the real hood

  • Mac Dre

    Also, the "certain video on a certain website" is clearly referring to "Bang" being up on World Star Hip Hop. Why don't 2DBZ post music videos from there or acknowledge them? I know the Lupe and OFWGKTA stories, but not the story of why Shake and Mek hate WSHH.

  • GeorgeSteven

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  • > I know the Lupe and OFWGKTA stories

    you really don't, though.

    > but not the story of why Shake and Mek hate WSHH.

    i don't hate anybody; that's not in my nature. but i don't support anybody that makes money off the lowest common denominator of urban culture, then have the gall to call themselves a "hip hop site."

  • GeorgeSteven



    Average ghetto trash rapper

  • Megamillion Winner

    You guys hate Lil B but you're quick to co-sign this!!!!!!? Thanks to Kanye and Birdman, you guys are quick to like this song but bash on Lil B or a Waka Flocka when its obvious this young cat bites his style, along with Asap rocky and others????!!!??

    LoL! LoL! LoL! LoL! LoL! LoL! LoL! I'm in tears right now

  • I don't know if y'all have noticed but between Theraflu (sorry, Way Too Cold) and Mercy, Kanye has been digging a lot of what I like to call neo-trap music lately. Trap shit is seeing some sort of revival, but with the internet age, it's transcended the regional bounds of the south. You've got guys like A$AP Rocky rapping about trap shit over Clams Casino beats with a Bone Thugs flow. You've got Spaceghostpurrp making Three 6 Mafia homages and 'phonk' replete with Mortal Kombat samples and Godzilla roars. Chief Keef really is about to blow up, and Kanye was smart to hop on that gravy train.

    Also man, more power to him for making the music he wants to. Not every dude from Chicago has to be preachy & corny lyrical like Lupe and Common. Why the hell should a 16 year-old rapper named Chief Keef be looked at as any sort of role model by kids?

  • Mel

    2DBZ on some hating ish lol, but they be posting lots of wack ish everytime and think that is good music

  • A Reader!

    I agree with Meka... its Waka mixed with Soulja Boy on some thugged-out "we catchin bodies out here" type shit !!! I mean his ad-libs are bang bang !!!

    But where I differ and disagree with @TelAviv is I enjoy my #BrilliantIgnorance music (authenticity of raps DOES NOT matters to me) with a little better lyricism than I've heard from Chief Keef !!!

    In my opinion Rick Ross should be the STANDARD for bang-in-your-whip #BrilliantIgnorance hip-hop music!!!

    Im not willing to lower my standards to this level of rhymes, once again Im absolutely fine with Chief Keef's content (tho I acknowledge they are generic as shite) its just I need better punchlines n metaphors on the same content... and beats other than sounding like Lex Luger's would also help A LOT !!!

    Would be good to see more people on this side of spectrum --> (better lyrics, content and authenticity of rhymes is not that big of a issue) than "he's being real/he IS from the hood" argument !!!

    Just my opinion.

  • Hahaaha I fucks with this fa sho

  • unique_osmosis

    HE's sounds like WAKA

  • doc rovers

    why do people continue to support horrible ass music?

  • unique_osmosis

    Gucci and Jeezy set the bar with trap music even they've grown in lyricism I'm not going to knock it though If he blows up he blows up just my tastes though.

  • Mr. 2012

    "It’s ratchet as shit. Like, extremely ratchet. Imagine if the riotous energy Lex Luger and Fozzie Bear mated with the nihilistic, recently-got-shot-9-times 50 Cent and created its own thugged-out offspring, and you have Chief Keef."

    I am going to love this guy's music.

  • unique_osmosis


    @Doc rovers


  • CoolCat

    Diego Inglewood speaks the truth.

  • trayvon


  • Mark

    This song is something that I dont like

  • Fiend

    I just heard that Bang track and I thought that shit was weak as fuck, but if he got most od the GOOD music fam n Jada on his track, that just means there's gonna be 1 BS verse ima fast forward over, so the only thing I'm hoping for is that Kanye has something to do with the production, I don't wanna hear no Lex Luger shit.

  • Mark

    wonder if all the dudes with hoodies on thought itwas weird the two look a like dudes had there shirts off??? #jussayin

  • trayvon

    Trap Muzik is a south classic dont ever disrespect that shit with a nigga people compare to waka & soulja boy.smh the nerve of this nigga mane.

  • GeorgeSteven

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  • Obama Friend Chicken

    Kanye is just an wicked guy period, not even rapper who reeally really lived that life would co-sign a 16 yrs that rap about guns in a city that has more murders then you can possibly imagine...I lived in Detriot for years and its nothing to glorify, people who glorify that crap ain't about that life. The funny thing is Kanye used to make uplifting soul music in some sort but now its just trap music beyond lex luger. Oh the irony.

    Murder is fun to glorify and act out till someone in your family/friends gets killed - alot of this kid's homie aren't going to live to see past 18

  • I just really don't understand how anyone would like this? I get the #BrilliantIgnorance side to it, I really do because I love Juicy J, but Juicy also has those funny ass ad libs and punchlines, plus he's been doing it forever. It's to the point where someone can just yell "I Don't Like" through an entire song and it's a hit song now. What scares me even more about these types of artists, is they are being sought after by major labels for millions of dollars. That's fucking crazy!

    I don't like Gucci and I don't like Waka or Lil B. Add this guy to the bunch and it's the same music. I feel like I'm in some kind of Twilight Zone where everyone is just retarded, kind of like that movie Idiocracy. I feel like these type of rappers were pulled straight out of a Wayans brothers "spoof" comedy movie making fun of rap music.

    Now, if you're reading this and are a fan of Chief or any of the other dudes I mentioned, I'm not judging you. If you like them, more power to you. I'm just trying to understand. Cuz like I said, if I want to listen to some #BrilliantIgnorance, I go to Juicy J or Three 6 and that's about all I can take, after that everything is just so repetitive.

  • Greg Focker

    man i agree with the cat who pointed out the hypocrisy in here. yall are the first to bash lil b and wack but then you dickride this dude because kanye enjoyed his song. shit is un fucking real. yall are fucking sheep. thats why i fuck with kanye he enjoy whatever the fuck he wants regardless of what people think. he enjoy a bit of ignorant shit. same way everyone enjoy an ignorant action flick with blood and guys flying every where. this to me proves that your opinion about hip hop means nothing to me. you say guys like wacka are killing hip hop with ignorant shit, but the second kanye says he enjoys it yall change your tone. FOH

  • chill

    @Meka & Shake: Off topic but whatever happened to Tito Lopez's The King's Speech?

  • yeah

    Kanye co-signs*, what happened to that "black on black murder" preach you and jay had on watch the throne? dude'll do anything for a dollar, by dude i mean Kanye. stand behind your word homie. FUCKBOY.

  • Dat Dude Chris

    Lol now everybody wants to kno who chief keef is since he good music n jada on a track lol. I aint been listening to dude for a year or nuthin but it has been about a month. Hes coo as a trap rapper n his best song is EASILY 3Hunna. Hes not gon be well liked on this site tho jus like every other trap rapper lol

    On a sidenote 2dbz needs to be more up on more new rappers cuz most of the new dudes they post jus suck smh

  • Mike

    shouldnt these guys be out killing other black people? you know living what they say in their music? if you really a thug/gangster/goon/G/Goblin or whateva you lil pussies think you are you wouldnt have time to hit the studio & make a song about it. you think real G's are making a song about what they doing in the streets? FUCK NO!!! they too busy doing it too rap be rappin about it. End up dead or in jail if you wanna impress me.

  • Mike

    shouldnt these guys be out killing other black people? you know living what they say in their music? if you really a thug/gangster/goon/G/Goblin or whateva you lil pussies think you are you wouldnt have time to hit the studio & make a song about it. you think real G’s are making a song about what they doing in the streets? FUCK NO!!! they too busy doing it too be rappin about it. End up dead or in jail if you wanna impress me.

  • strap


  • JAyP


  • CSF

    People don't understand Chicago is the grimiest city in the nation, so if you'r saying that trap music is strictly a southern phenomenon, you're wrong. It might have pioneered the genre, but shit changes. As for Chief Keef's lyricism, you have to realize where he's from. East side of Chicago is all about that life.

    Plus this shit bangs. "Fredo in the cut, that's a scary sight." BaengBaeng.

  • get ratchet!

    he needs to do a second remix with soulja,lil b,waka,gucci,juicy j and rebecca black.now that would be a ratchet trapass remix.see me i love my good music no pun intended like kendrick,schoolboy,blu,dom kennedy,fly.union etc. but most of tht music crowd have the attitude of a super elite snobby better thn everyone else vibe same way with these fake wanna be skating hipsters who rock Supreme.they act likr thy cnt appreciate nothin thts just fun or ignorant frm time to time.its jyst music people.shit u cnt blame keef for tlkin bout wut he seees and do in chitown.yea its bad for the kuds but mst dem would be bad witout his music anyqays uts chicagi the murder capital of america.now tell me what you dont like!

  • Trek

    listen to 3HUNNA by chief keef (SOSA). anthem of the summer

  • john garcia

    I agree with many of you Kanye is a hypocrite for cosigning Keef. However, as a hip hop fan I think we need to explore the extremes of the genre because over the years hip hop has become too safe and too accepted by the mainstream. Now that is not a bad thing but it has produced to much polish music and taken away the danger hip hop once had. I've been listening to Keef for the past couple of months now and it has alot of the same energy Death Grips had. We definitely need our conscious hip hop with a message but we also can benefit from having our dark & dangerous rap.



  • DJ StankDaddy

    Wat i wanna know is... Where the FUCK is this kid's parents at?

  • DatNiggaPhaesse

    Dis Shit Go Hammm All dis Damn Haters!!!!!! Datz Dat Shit I Dont Like

  • TMoneyy$


  • Preo

    As a person who's favorite rappers are DOOM, Tech N9ne and Nas, I really like Chief Keef. Not big into most of rappers like this, but he is one I like quite a bit. I'll be interested in the remix with the big names. But Big Sean is weak. I used to be a fan, but lately everything he has been on has been trash IMO

  • marty mcfly

    Im all for accepting ignorant non lyrical bullshit on an underground level but when people start acting like this type of shit deserves be on the same stage as a Kanye West I just think thats bullshit. Just because somebody is rapping about killing and dealing and they have barely no skills doing it, that does not make them real and just because your "about that life", you dont just get a pass to make bullshit songs imo. Artists like Mobb Deep, The Lox, M.O.P etc are ten times more ignorant then this fool appears to be but they still put effort in they music when they were coming up. This is just bad music bottom line, thats not hating thats just keeping it funky.

  • LOUD

    I fucks with dude for the sole purpose that he looks and sounds like hella young niggas in oakland and if he can blow they can to and stop killin everything moving out here. I'll stick with gibbs and q for my thug shit and tity 2 chainz for my ignance tho


  • "I was cool with this until the agree with TSS 100% part. Everybody asks for authenticity until its somebody who is really authentic. Then it’s “too real” and he shouldnt be saying that with all the killing going on and blah blah. I was shocked when I saw Gotty write that and worse that you cosign it."

    For the record
    1. The post wasn't about authenticity or anything being "too real", it was about Adults marketing a Minor rapping about nonchalant violence to other Minors, with small children in the videos aiming guns (fake or otherwise), glorifying the BS that goes on in the streets of Chi and every other city. I think we can all agree that is a bad thing, no? Or do you just keep it THAT real?
    2. Gotty didn't write it, Beware did. Though I am pretty sure Gotty stands behind the piece the same as the rest of us do.

  • Yung yoDA

    If half of these niggas really did what they said they would have been dead. Just cause somebody is from an area and raps about it don't mean they really "bout that life" i think ross made that real clear. Everyone who is from the hood think about all the niggas you've really known who was in them streets growing up, where they at now?

  • Cartoons & Cereal?

    Lets not acknowledge the heavy use of weed and the banger with the extendo being passed around like a bottle henny at a funeral... by 16-17 year olds I might add........ needless to say I love such ignorance and fuckery therefore I will root for this nigga Chief Keef always! haha

  • dont like like

    this song gets me amped.i wanna move to chicago so i could get shot!fuck yeah party like a rockstar!

  • BAunique

    Every bit of this dood's catalog sucks and I enjoy music from the likes of Lex and Waka but this is beyond horrible..this is a broke ass version of Waka and jumping on that ratchet pow pow sound. I'll listen to the remix but for now I'll stick with Waka.

  • A Reader!

    I've decided there is NO WAY one can have any intelligent discussion on 2DopeBoyz's c-section !!

    With comments like....

    "if you really a thug/gangster/goon/G/Goblin or whateva you lil pussies think you are you wouldnt have time to hit the studio & make a song about it." .... from @Mike


    "People don’t understand Chicago is the grimiest city in the nation, so if you’r saying that trap music is strictly a southern phenomenon, you’re wrong." ... from @CSF

    One is taking the focus of commentators to "Oh fuck him he is studio gangsta" ... son we get it! No need to mention the obvious & distract from his weak lyrical abilities.

    And other is going with this shit is NOT regional.. once again we get it! Thank you Mr. Obvious !! If anyone believes so that Ignorant hip-hop is regional let him be stupid enuff he is beyond any help !!!

    Out of all comments till now I agree with wat Chi2LA23 said, except the self-centric part... "I feel like I’m in some kind of Twilight Zone where everyone is just retarded" !!

    Its just his spit game is well below-average. FOCUS on that...

    "It’s to the point where someone can just yell 'I Don’t Like' through an entire song and it’s a hit song now."

  • A Reader!

    Oh shit !!!

    As most of time, @marty mcfly said it better than me !!

  • TanaTanaBayyyyyye

    #1 how is this shit stealing the souths sound ??? The beat dont sound like lex, zay,drumma boy, fatboi, southside, or nun of them other producers.

    #2 ppl outside of chicago JUST DONT KNOW how shit goes in our hoods , everybody dont fuckin skateboard & do poetry , its actually a horror scene, that other shit is fabricated .

    #3 dont you finally want a REAL rapper ?? whats REALER than 16 year olds wavin bangers with 30 clips in em , smokin dope in the trap with 3hunna niggas .

    Keef IS TRAP MUSIC . #300 #BangBang

  • trayvon

    T.I.'s Trap Muzik is a south classic dont ever disrespect that shit with a nigga people compare to waka & soulja boy.smh the nerve of this nigga meka mane.

  • flocko

    @A Reader!

    Eat A Dick Boi

  • k dot

    A room full of niggas rappin bout guns, drugs, and bitches and theres not 1 bitch in that room ??? ? Lmao oh the comedy

  • Mike

    @A Reader!

    You can suck my fuckin dick if you dont like what i say. Everythang i stated is facts.Real niggas are not in no fucking studio rappin about what real street niggas are in the streets doing. Rappers are nothing more than actors. Kiss my ass nigga

  • ass

    I been listening to KEEF. HEs a beast and THIS NIGGA ONLY 16 YEARS OLD.

  • JohnnyBoy

    Ive seen better 16 year old rappers *cough* *cough* JOEY BADA$$

  • Shy

    shit is like Lil B on battery acid...

  • A Reader!

    To @Mike .... That was wat my point treat most rappers as actors... Chief keef is a bad actor... It doesnt matter the thug role he is portaying its just he is doing it badly !! Finally i had to lay it down in obvious terms for you @Mike.... Now go n suck ur father's dick !! Ahh its just far more easy to be ignorant on 2Dopeboyz c-section !!

  • sosa

    who really gives a shit? Dudes makes bangers that makes you wanna kill yo neighbor and fuck they mom.
    Fuck all the bullshit, Kanye is a G for banging this shit. I fucks with Chief Keef. Don't talk about his lyrics, you want that listen to some Nas or Jay Elec or Reks or some shit.
    Just enjoy it or if you dont fuck with it...deal with it.
    The GOOD remix is going to be crazy weather yall like it or not.

  • that truth

    this kid is hot garbage. yall got no nuts and post this shit cus kanye cosigned him when hes always dug wack artists. this dude makes flocka look like mos def

  • banx

    didnt wayne try to do the same thing with Lil B?

  • baaaaaaaaaaaang

    fuck kanye he not a real chicago nigga.chief keef fir muhfucken prez butxh.bang bang.3hunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnna!

  • Tel Aviv

    All his videos look the same cause he's on house arrest and got a ankle
    Bracelet for a shoot out with Chicago PD but still found a way to your blog from his grandmother house. how can u not root for this lil nigga to win he's 16 got grown ppl arguing and Kanye consigning. Go look at Pusha twitter he said himself u can't deny the authenticity. Come to Chicago and see what this song does to the club. and it'll be the same story in Everywhere next. he did somethin all these rappers wish they could do and got poppin in the streets and could give a fuck about a blog.

  • Based

    Lil B > Juicy J > Chief Keef > Waka > Gunplay > 2Chainz

    All need to make a track

  • tip

    @tel aviv

    fuck outta here that nigga on house arrest for getting in trouble at school. fuck outta here

  • Tel Aviv

    @Tip.... From the gawker article 2DBZ cited in this post..... "and when police arrived at the scene, a suspect allegedly pointed a gun at them. The officers fired a shot back. Two young men, including Chief Keef, were apprehended; a third escaped. Rumors swirled that Keef had been killed in a shootout with police"

  • m o n e y

    "Everybody play the tough guy till shit pop off" - Rocky

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    @Tip Kids get put on house arrest for getting in trouble in school? Fuck outta here.

  • rell

    Shoutout to lil homie. I dont know you & your music trash but i salute you i know what that tracking/house arrest shit feel like. Sometimes you just get caught up in unfortunate situations. Be thankful you aint dead or in jail & just keep livin.Stay blessed my nigga.

  • Based

    “Everybody play the tough guy till shit pop off” – Rocky

    m o n e y said this on April 21st, 2012 at 5:30 pm

    Lmao asap look like a bitch himself haha

  • m o n e y


    nigga the dude yo cosigning is the biggest bitch in the world. that nigga got his whooped by a lil 16 year old & then played knocked out so he aint have to fight him back lololol fuck outta here lil bitch is a pussy.

  • southside

    this guy is my idol

  • m o n e y

    lol at the nerve of a lil b fan to say someone looks like a bitch. lil bitch got his ass handed to him by a lil nigga dressed like tiger woods mixed with a lil urkel. fuck outta here b. lil b tell you all the time he a bitch lol. just like his fans nuff said.

  • Jtron

    Video = sausage party

  • Yitty

    Niggas don't get ankle monitors for shootin at cops, niggas get bodied for shooting or shooting at cops round my way.

  • lol


    this entire story is made up if he shot at a police he'd be dead i dont care what nobody say. story is made up to boost his image. lil kids & bloggers will eat this up.

  • wtf?

    kanye cosigning you doesnt mean shit anymore. dude was just in the studio with future smh.not to mention he cosigned 2 chainz & signed smedium sean kanye cosigning you holds no weight whats so ever anymore. he's even been in the studio with soulja boy several times i guess he's dope too huh?

  • Yitty

    yeah i figured that after i read why he was on house arrest. This lil nigga probably gon be the next ross, its gonna come out he was on the chess team or dude spends his spare time nursing sick and injured puppies back to health. Rap is turning into a damn minstrel show on some bamboozled type shit smh

  • fuckshake

    Shakes a fucking pussy

  • dont blame the rapper blame yourselfs

    I like Chief Keef's music honestly it because it gets me hype and through the day... ON another note the reason "wack" rappers are around is because of the following ; Love is Inspiring Hate is motivating.. think about that !

  • lol



  • In Your Fucking Face

    You Fucking Real Hip Hop Fans Got To Stop Taking Music So Literally. Look At This As Entertainment Like A Film. The Shit Is Like The Wire For The Psyche Of The Chicago Streets. Kanye Wants In On The Film Score. People Fuck With Music Nowadays For The Feel And This Shit Feels Chaotic.

  • Bigwill

    I hope Pusha rip this shit

  • Dizzel3000

    1.Damn Ye Got This Lil Young Cat Buzzin On The Interwebs

    2.If You Aint Gone Fight To Strip Out All Violent Talk In Music ...Can You Really Knock This Kid?

    3.A Label Will Have To Be Really Bold To Get Behind His Shit And Push Him As A Minor

    4.This Beat And Flow is Ignorant ....But It Serves Its Purpose

    5.This Remix Is About To Have Shit Goin Crazy In The Clubs

  • Dizzel3000

    6.I Rather Have This Young Blood In A Studio "Talking" About Shooting People As Opposed To Him Being Out In These Streets Actually Doing It.

  • thehungergames

    Dude this guy is featuring sounds exactly like soulja boy

  • zachariah

    Stop hyping it, he's trash. Oh he finna blow up, yeah whatever mate fuck out of here with that shit whatever he sells is to ignorant dumb ass idiots anyway, so its not credible. You act like he's Einstein or something and that he's going to enlighten the world with his lyrics. Fuck out of here.

  • squaaaad

    cosign LOUD

    OAKLAND STAND UP! 510 all day. we got some niggas out in oakland that needa blow up

  • g,jh,

    the truth is this shit is going to blow up im not a big fan of this but its catchy the video can be better but good work ya

  • J.L.R.

    its catchy, has mad energy too. i didnt really enjoy seeing only niggas in the video. half the time some of them were half naked. but its gonna launch there hussle so its dope for them. 4/5
    cant wait for the good friday version to drop.

  • dylan

    Im happy dude getting his shine he been nice since bangbang tape

    You see you can make something out of nothing

    shout out to Young Chop on the beeeat!

  • dapper

    black bitches with no ass thats the shit i dont like

  • He in the building. Dude make good songs. Kanye ain't Co' for nuthing.

  • Da Spaniard

    1. cocaine is a helluva drug
    2. leave this hard-thug-muthafucka in Somalia or something; he'll be dead in 3 minutes
    3. as lol said: "if he shot at a police he’d be dead"

  • SutterCaine360

    CO-SIGNS??? REALLY??? Now thats the shit "I DONT LIKE"!!! Lol Annoying As Fuck.... Garbage As Shit... DFOH!!!!

  • Yssup a si Ylfcm Ytram

    i love chief keef, the next jay z for sure


  • Darwin

    So is this the song? Their just gonna add verses?

  • BURR

    why did 2dbz choose this song? 2dbz audience is not gonna like keef already, listen to 3hunna

  • 90ninelives

    more trap muzik. btw is that a glock machine pistol they flashing?

  • Gengar

    Chief Keef is dope it's just a trap shit some people like it and some people don't (Me personally I fuck with ratchet music) the sad part about this is this line right here

    "I’m personally on the fence about Keef, but that may change once this remix drops and/or I get another Chief Keef request at a party"

    Pretty much you're saying once everyone likes it you will like it and now that Kanye has cosigned you will dickride?


  • Wade

    Can he actually rap? Can't tell from this video.

  • You

    This is gay ass hell..
    Got 10 guys in the room with their shirts off trying to act tough -_- ULTRAGAYYYYYYY

  • Where the females at, thats just a bunch a dudes dancing together. Might as well change the lyrics to No Homo, No Homo, No Homo...

  • 3hunnitgang

    Yall hating ass niggas

  • Chicago’s Ugliest

    Shake got it right. Kid is clownshoes. And if his boys are wearing stuff from Succezz... lol. Fruity Loops passes for "GOOD" Music? Smh.

  • petty

    the next gucci mane

  • eZ

    sometimes you need a soundtrack to madness.

  • Stylz

    You people don't get it. He's on house arrest so he had the guys come to him to do a random shoot. They're related so how is it gay? Its gangs in Chicago he's not ACTING tough. That's how teens and young adults act in Chicago. Come to a club that's how the guy jump up and down and shake ,their heads. Not everyone from Chicago is like common Lupe, and kanye. And think about it you kanye was producering for these street niggas before he got on. He even rapped about you. But you guys aren't from chicago so you don't know. Lupe also used to be on his gang bang street ish before he got on. Being a "chief" in chicago is the leader of the gang. And chief keef is the leader of gbe. And he's well aware of his lack of lyrics you hip hop heads want him to use. Chicago has its own genre with these new up and coming artist called "drill music". So until you people try to judge chicago or what's goin on here come here yourself and see whats up. Oh yeah people in chicago not listening to asap rocky.

  • Short-T

    @Stylez if he's on house arrest why is he smoking like he don't have to take a piss test?

  • Stylz

    He doesn't have to take one. Not all people on house arrest have to get dropped. His I think he has a curfew and just has to go to school. But the judge gives him movement but he just can't leave the state of Illinois. But whoever his judge is let him go to new York last week.