Action Bronson – A Simple Man

blame it on Meka April 22, 2012

Before he takes the stage this Thursday alongside Raekwon, Bam Bam drops off this Tommy Mas-produced banger.

DOWNLOAD: Action Bronson – A Simple Man | Alt

  • FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111

  • that truth

    big bronson fan but this is mediocre at best…and in no way shape of form is this a banger. meka talking about music is like hearing old people talk about the internet

  • Mario

    vintage jazz sound

  • thatrealshit

    yeah idk why u would ever describe this as a banger. not bad tho, bronsons made better

  • Lebowski

    Knee her in the stomach, drugs are droppin out her butt.


  • BongWater

    Fuck off hoe ass niggas

    shits dope

  • who cares

    Yea I have to say this is dope (beat is a lil too loud when compared to his vocals) but I wouldn’t classify this as a banger.

  • Asada

    you niggas have no ear that’s why you don’t think it’s a banger

  • wat

    Good chill beat. Not exactly a complete song but it’s nice to listen to.

  • Jake

    I was expecting a banger!
    I love bronson but this is just an allright cut

    come on Meka

  • Yssup a si Ylfcm Ytram

    i hope the soft trolls can appreciate real music when they hear it,

    This track is better then all of jay z’s american gangster and kingdom come album combined

  • Asada

    i miss the days when bigger names dropped a line.

    this is iight at best. the beat is too loud for the vocals. Not finished, and rae needs to really think about speaking louder to get his sick ass lyrics across what a shame.

  • Randy

    how does this classify as a banger on any scale.

  • adi Pre

    LMAO @ Lebowski

  • madenmiami305

    agreed with those who said the beat is to loud for the vocals. the beat is heavy but needs to be toned down a bit. even bronsons little two and a half minute joints murder most shit on this site.

  • bladaoh

    shits cool, i like the beat and bronson doin what he does best.