Beatminer League: Honeysuckle Breeze

I believe this was one of Mek's first Meka's Soul Mix Shows. Felt like re-posting with a bonus cut this time. Finally found myself a reasonably priced copy, albeit a repress. I will own a copy of the original one day though. Bet that. This brings back memories of this same record being played by Pops, although it had a lot more snap, crackle and pop back then. Hit the jump for a NSFW flick of one of those most expensive pieces of vinyl I've ever come across after the jump. Asking price, $5000.

Tom Scott - Never My Love

Tom Scott - Today

Jon Lennon & Yoko Ono - Two Virgins

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  • CoolNikkyJay

    I got a second original down to part ways with it if so. But if u like me u probably wana dig that shit out. Took me years to find it, so when I saw a second that wasnt a repress, had to have it

  • nate Dza

    Word. Nothing beats the satisfaction of stumbling upon forgotten treasure