Lana Del Rey – Carmen (Video)

blame it on Meka April 22, 2012

Lana’s Born To Die is available now.

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  • troy barnes

    Lana is so sexy and dope love this bitch lips

  • adi Pre

    Fucking love her.

  • thehungergames

    What does this studio put on bitch have anything to do with hiphop besides the fact that shes studio put on like 2 thirds of the artist featured on this site? fuck man 2dopeboyz is weak, who gives a shit is shes hot, taylor swift is hot you don’t see her shit getting featured

  • idiots

    this isnt the orginal video

  • Yo

    @thehungergames Lana has some hip hop elements to her music (check out her song “Off to the Races”…even the producer Emile (worked on half of Kid Cudi’s early music, also produced for Dipset, The Roots, Ghostface Killah, Slaughterhouse) has produced a track for her

  • david

    @hungergames fuck u hating ass bitch.lana is an amazing artist.she has a voice like no other.she has pure artistry.shes on 2dope because shes unique goes against the rulesand she blends well with hiphop like asap rocky,biggie and vado.fuck u hater fuck ur life!

  • Teeamo

    @Yo: Emile Haynie even (co-)produced her entire album (except “Video Games”). I love the first ~15 seconds of “Off To The Races” – before the chorus sets in. I wish the whole track would sound like this…

  • adi Pre

    @thehungergames, GTFO, if you don’t like the post, get the fuck off it, fassmonger.

  • david

    so looks like carmen is a prostitute.

  • dapper

    i see why asap wanted to fuck this chick she’s a dime and could sing good

  • WilderQueen

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  • hipster joe

    yes i love this hipster music.enuff of this ghetto stuff like kendrick or mac miller.if everyone behaved like a Hipster the world would be a better ghettos or suburbs just cool places like williamsburg or austin.we’d just be eating organic pretzels and drinking PBR’ the good life:)

  • Yssup a si Ylfcm Ytram

    I can tell trolls like hipster joe or marty mcfly are a bunch of losers leaving b.s. comments for no reason on sites, go listen to your jay z or britney spears baby one more time cd LoL!

  • Ha

    What is this shit? Makes me wanna fall alseep all you bitches focused o her looks and she ain’t even hot typical white bitch

  • detroit89

    i just want to remind you all that no where in the site it says this is a strictly hip hop site, this is a site that post dope music, which technically does not mean it has to be hiphop. if you can’t appreciate an artist like lana, then you got some bland, narrow-minded tastes.

  • dave

    ima have to buy her album didnt hear a bad song yet.shit even all tje visuals are dope