Pac Div Live In Maryland (Video)

blame it on Meka April 22, 2012

What kinda crappy crowd is that?

Like, Mibbs and BeYoung took to the home of the Terrapins this past Friday for a quick show. SMH at that crowd, though. The DiV is out now.

  • Everyone must of been dumb high thats my only logic to it …. was a 4/20 show

  • nah bro

    ^ Nah bro thats not even it. It’s just another case of people feeling like they need to be out and doing something so they are just out occupying space. This is just like that SXSW crowd where the crowd doesn’t even recognize half of the artists there, don’t know any of the songs, and just stand/sit there like mindless zombies.

  • smh

    ^ What he said. And there isn’t even a large enough crowd that knows their songs for it not to feel awkward jumping up and down and rapping along.

  • lol

    ^ Why u reply to your own comment bruh

  • Ace

    I was at the show and was HELLA disappointed at the turnout, how the fuck do you not come to a free show?? Shit, I was rapping along to every song man

  • sirdope

    yeaa there is no excuse it was just plain sad, you know whats more sad than that? it was a FREE Concert

  • Ace

    @Sirdope too hip, I fuck with a lot of the artists yall put on 2dopeboyz and I was siced as shit when I found out they were playing here, same shit happened when Dom Kennedy came in October smfh

  • yupp….

    i just dont understand.. free?!?! and im going to guess it was on campus too? come on now… just no explanations make sense..

  • I was there and it was sad. Most of the people that even knew who the fuck they were were Howard students…and EVERYBODY was blazed lol