Ab-Soul – SOPA f. ScHoolboy Q (prod. Nez & Rio)

blame it on Meka April 24, 2012

MixedByAli, of course

Soulo and Fat-Boy are both rocking the stage during THe Groovy Tour, which will land in a city near you, but they also team up for this track off Soul’s upcoming Control System, set to drop May 11th.

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    TDE over everything

  • marty mcfly

    THIS makes my taint tingle! <3 TDE

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ Cause your a homotroll.

  • Shy

    TDE Run LA

  • Fred

    This shit right here??? This???
    GTFOH, b. It’s over! Ab-Soul taking over.

    This joint is nasty. Dirty. Disgusting.

  • detox

    Holy Fuck. This track is a PROBLEM. both went the fuck innn! TDE!

  • sosa

    WOW. this mean as fuck. Soulo’s Mixtape gonna be too sick…..

  • mike

    DOPE. This shit is a certified banger.

  • 3hunna

    notice these niggas like to repeat alot of shit from old tracks. mainly druggies & hoes.

  • Queen Kong

    Unfortunately this is weak

  • sawdatsun

    q is too raw on this shit right here

  • frank go visit

  • thatrealshit

    got a feeling this album is gonna be dope as fuck and levels ahead of souls last project

  • vlado


  • CoolCat

    was waiting for the beat to drop..

  • scott

    I think its time ab-soul got a wiki page

  • K.

    TDE forever using bits and pieces of Kanye’s shit. It’s all good tho. They always kill whatever the fuck they do

  • Random Guy

    So I’m the only one who thought this was bad? Ok. I like TDE, but this wasn’t dope. I don’t think they even know what SOPA is.

  • Ayoo bro

    I’m going to give this a couple spins, but on first listen this isn’t on the same level as the other shit. 1 bad song outta the last, what 4 songs being bangers? But whos counting right?

  • randomguyabitch

    dude i always see that @Random Guy commenting and saying the most dumbest shit. dude stop expressing ur opinion, shit has no substance. people gotta know something before they start spewing their hate on these comment sections

  • chris

    @ayoo bro

    that’s how i feel. wasn’t really feeling it on the first listen, at least not nearly as much as I was feeling the other songs from the mixtape. still looking forward to Control System though…should be dope

  • Kidd

    This shit bang

  • JB

    also a TDE fan. also not feelin this

  • 103

    this is hard

    figueroa shit is lame though

  • Maga D

    was waiting for the beat to drop.. [2] Never dropped, so I got used to it.

  • AD

    @random guy listen to the chorus……

  • you are gay and dumb

    i fuckin love TDE but this beat was not made for these two to rap on.

  • what do you guys think about my blog,

  • Don’t be a yes man

    This ain’t it.

  • Mr. Dig Bick

    Thank Samuel L Jackson for the chrome + hearyoutube app connection. Its about time i start teaching you people how to fish.

  • mcd


  • jebus

    i like some records, but this aint hot

  • m-money

    This is sick just because bandwagoners dont get it.

  • @Random Guy “SOPA tryna censor internet, we tryin to get this dough” …. yehh, they have no idea what it is bro. Good call.

  • that truth

    wack. both these dudes suck anyway

  • mtrx

    HUGE TDE fan, not feelin this one though. Pineal Gland, Terrorist Threats & Showin Love are great though.

  • jussayin

    hate to do it but i gotta hit nope. not feelin it