Chuuwee - Crown Me King (Album)

blame it on Meka April 24, 2012

Chuuwee's Amalgam Digital album is now available, and for the first 24 hours you can cop it for the low price of $Free.99. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Chuuwee - Crown Me King (Album)

You can also check out Chuuwee's interview with TheWellVersed right here.

  • I've been waiting to get Glorious Revolution on my ipod ever since he dropped it on SoundCloud. Can't wait to listen to this.

  • Juicy-G


  • duece


  • PRalines

    dope as fuck. chuuwwee's a promising figure in hip hop.

  • nito

    this guy should do some stuff with exile


    dope ass fucking album!!!!

  • kayo

    yeeeee chuuwee up next

  • Ayoo bro

    Dope shit for free and motherfuckers are still going to sleep on it. Dude doesn't even need buzz right now, he DESERVES it. How you drop three back to back quality projects and dudes are still sleeping on you?

  • stan the man

    i want to give him money for this, but i want to listen to it right now...

  • fire the whole shit is crack



  • hiphopcritic

    dudes sleeping on him actual emcee....we need more of these extinct figures in the game today....

  • Bong

    if your not dressin like a sissy hoe or saying dumb ass shit in your raps you dont get noticed for awhile. people just want fake gimmicks and chuuwees the realest.

    they cant handle him tbh

  • RSWD

    So many bangers doeeee,they're only 2 songs i don't fuck wit.Incredible

  • ML

    thank you Chuu!

  • GeeZuP

    Dope as fuck Chuuwee is dat dude...westcoast on the come up!

  • johnnyboy


    Hell yeah amazing project right here. Dope as fuck.

  • valence

    Chuuwee outta be hella proud if he reads this c-section

    And if y'all like Chuuwee, you should also check out illecism, just from a fan to a fan, no hidden motives here.

  • swag

    you a fan huh? you know illecism changed his name right? HAHA!

  • VoiceofReason

    This album is fucking firee!! Classic hiphop feeel. Good shiitt!!!

  • Juicy-G

    @swag Good shit! Niggas don't know about XUICE HADES lol

  • EldoradoSouthLakeTahoe

    Nor Cal stand up!

  • Kay(:

    NO hate In the c-section, wow. #RealShit

  • Wesson

    Chuuwee NEVER disapoints. NEVER. Dude is a beast, one of the best flows in the "new generation".
    And the production's sick.

  • Chris

    Think I deleted like two songs off this album before putting it in my iPod...the rest was FIRE. Chuuwee is way too underrated. Hopefully this project will help him get the shine he deserves.

  • Jay Bird

    How the hell did I sleep on a nigga from Sac? It aint like we got that much goin on there. Good shit. Glad somethin good comin out of the 916

  • Crowned.

  • RoshaneRonan


  • anthony

    fantastic. i even love the poorly mastered lee bannon colab mixtape.

  • commenter

    how do you get it on mac???