Goodie Mob – Fight To Win

blame it on Illy April 24, 2012

The first release off the newly reunited Goodie Mob’s upcoming album Age Against The Machine set to arrive sometime this year. If you missed them hit the live television stage for the first time in ages performing their new single “Fight To Win” on NBC’s The Voice, check it out now.

  • steve

    How is this a Goodie Mob song? There is no rapping… I can’t believe I waited so long for this…

  • FreeGDep

    ^ oh sorry, did they inconvenience you by making you wait? Were you very busy waiting for this and could not do other things?

  • Jtron


  • f12

    didnt listen to the whole thing, but i assume fergie and an uncredited justin timberlake sung the chorus. sidenote: i like pop music, i just wanted to hear that cell therapy music.

  • E_Mac415

    “dat was turrible” – cleveland brown voice

  • Dimethyl

    are you sure this isnt a cee-lo or gnarls barkley song?

    “not serious”

  • The_Villain

    So I guess were not getting anything close to Soul Food… Sigh…

  • GODr.


  • technogenius

    no one is complaining nowadays on how Outkast consistently tried new sounds … so what’s the difference? how did y’all assume a “Soul Food” or “Still Standing” repeat when the last 2 Goodie albums were subpar hip-hop albums?

  • Isaiah W.

    This is weak ? And you people most likely love OutKast Right?
    Expected some rapping but it was still dope to me