• steve

    How is this a Goodie Mob song? There is no rapping... I can't believe I waited so long for this...

  • FreeGDep

    ^ oh sorry, did they inconvenience you by making you wait? Were you very busy waiting for this and could not do other things?

  • Jtron


  • f12

    didnt listen to the whole thing, but i assume fergie and an uncredited justin timberlake sung the chorus. sidenote: i like pop music, i just wanted to hear that cell therapy music.

  • E_Mac415

    "dat was turrible" - cleveland brown voice

  • Dimethyl

    are you sure this isnt a cee-lo or gnarls barkley song?

    "not serious"

  • The_Villain

    So I guess were not getting anything close to Soul Food... Sigh...

  • GODr.


  • technogenius

    no one is complaining nowadays on how Outkast consistently tried new sounds ... so what's the difference? how did y'all assume a "Soul Food" or "Still Standing" repeat when the last 2 Goodie albums were subpar hip-hop albums?

  • Isaiah W.

    This is weak ? And you people most likely love OutKast Right?
    Expected some rapping but it was still dope to me