Nas – Daughters (prod. No I.D.) (Artwork)

blame it on Meka April 24, 2012

A double shot of Nas? Why not. This single is set to drop May 1st on iTunes, four days before the video for “The Don” premieres.

  • clint chudyk

    why does it look like she’s got big ass legs?

  • 2ndera

    how can you tell? her legs are not even showing…cant wait to hear this, naturally. lovin this artwork

  • Ghettz

    It’s a girl sitting on a man’s shoulders.

  • noshitsherlock

    very astute ghettz lol

  • Turtle

    No I.D. > Salaam Remi. Hope this beat fits Nas’ crazy flow.

  • as long as the hook is better than Black Girl lost pt. 2s…

  • undefeated

    well with NO .ID. wont b wack..thank god nas is working with good producers on this album..

  • clint chudyk

    I can’t not see a little ballerina with big ass legs still

  • who cares

    I don’t like it. Those two white things at the bottom look like circus pants. Idk what they really are, but they keep throwing me off. What is that suppose to be?

  • she’s sitting on the shoulders of her dad. are you blind?

  • CocainBlunts

    the white stuff under the ballerina is nas or whos ever shirt.

  • lou

    who gives a fuck about the sinlges cover yall got to be some dumb young mothafuckaz as long as the music is good corny young faggots i swear!

  • NastyNik

    is the main topic of discussion in this thread really retards trying to figure out whats going on in this picture?.. Jesus, im losing hope for humanity..

  • Angelo

    Ready for this joint to be a big zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz disappointment like the whole Common album was. No I.D. is cool for Big Sean, Drake, Ye, those types of artists, but Nas…he is not aggressive enough. His production on Common’s new album was softrock/smoothjazz levels in terms of thoroughness outside of Raw & Sweet

  • 9821

    finally No I.D. here! i expect nuthin but a classic yo

  • duff

    @angelo, i disagree dat Ghetto Dreams shit sounded like its produced back in 90s. nasty and the don were not such wack tracks it just seems nas wanna try somethin new, a new sound.

  • david

    r.kelly’s doin the remix and he’s gonna be facing the other way on the artwork

  • who cares

    @lou & @NastyNik aye fuck boys, is the song out yet? No, so the only thing we can comment on is the cover. It’s all we got! Would you rather have the page filled with:
    “can’t wait”
    “this’ll be dope”
    “Nas sucks”
    “Nas is goat wtf you talkin bout”
    “I have a feeling it’ll be disappointing”
    “lol Jay is better than this nigga”
    “Fuck Nas! Taylor Gang”
    “Wow people on this site are retarded….”
    etc. etc. Fuck off both of you, we were talking about the content that was put in front of us. It isn’t obvious that’s a shirt. It’s either poorly photshopped or they had a shitty photographer. Either way the cover is ass.

  • LexiCon

    no, it really IS obvious that’s a shirt! You’re just blind!

  • K Smith

    This shit is gonna be epic just like D.O.A was when it dropped…WATCH! fuck wat yall saying!

  • Omecca

    LOL @ R. Kelly doing the REMIX to daughters!!! Hahahaha! Too funny! I can just see it now: the music is gonna have Nas rapping and R. Kelly in his room eating some GIRL SCOUT Cookies!!! Hahahahahaha!!!