Scarface Announces New Album Title

blame it on hologram shake April 24, 2012

On top of his joint project with Beanie Sigel, Scarface took to the Twitter to announce his next solo offering.

Shouts to X on the heads up.

  • who cares

    Can’t wait.

  • CaptionContest

    Lol… This picture is >>>>>>>

    Weed carrier and groupie sidekick expressions are #priceless

  • yeah

    I thought Face “retired”?

  • Doney

    Scarface is a fucking legend. I’ll listen just off the strength of his track record

  • Mike

    Just glad he isn’t in prison for life

  • EC

    that weed carrier is j prince. Google him lol

  • Maga D

    Called Rap A Lot owner a weed carrier, lol. & nah, he’s not retired, he had a mixtape last year, so we know how long that lasted. Face is a top 15 MC, so glad he’s back.

  • L.S.P.

    Big Fan Face can’t wait to hear the new album, And please don’t retire, It’s only a few true M.C.’s out there and that’s including you. Most raps and rappers today are watered down and plastic.

    L.S.P. Detroit

  • Seems an odd release date for a Nas album. Though, I’m not one to complain whether it’s released now or later.

  • it is very butiful.