• ineverlie

    who over 18 will buy this

    hip hop in 2012 is for the kids

  • Monkey Barz

    Juicy > the rest of them.

  • ExhibitA

    How many times has Wiz changed his identity? From street hustler, to urban smoker to Jimmi Hendrix? Fuck it dawg he could be worse.

  • POW!

    i thought NEAKO was a part of Taylor Gang, anyone know whats up with that?

  • King

    where is neako

  • http://TWItter.com/keepitplayaco DGRZZL

    wassup wit all these mf's rockin the american flag? what a crew lol...

  • dave

    neako said fuck Taylor gang its zebra gang bitch lvl. benny blanco muhfucka put them threes up

  • ricky martin

    lola monroe looks like janelle monae there

  • dapper

    lola lookin really beautiful nowadays she use to look madd fake.

  • ty

    I dont ever wanna hear Wiz say another man jacked his style when his entire swag is jacked from several people(dead & alive)

    Dress like Jimi Hendrix.
    Raps like Spitta,Big Sean,Drake,Snoop,2chainz,Asap Rocky,Cudi & whoever else is on at that moment.

  • http://www.twitter.com/newtracksdaily Rn506

    lol @ Wiz trying to be Jimi Hendrix..you ain't him, he's an icon..your just what's in now...

  • Me

    I'm diggin Wiz's look. Dude's growing and bring another element to hip hop. The cover's dope as fuck.

  • BananaClips

    lmao @me said hes bringing another element to hip hop. what is that other element exactly?

  • SMFH

    As an air force brat you'd think he could have enough respect to at least get the flag up off the floor

  • Braniak

    SMH @ Wiz Khahendrix

  • Stay Frosty

    What's gucci, my nigga?
    What's louie, my killa?
    What's drugs, my deala?
    Where'd you take these pics, Coachella?

  • Fuck Rappers

    @SMFH precisely

    What a disgrace to our nation's flag.

  • krow132

    Jeez Yall niggas complain waaaay to fuckin much. Its just a magazine cover. lol, Niggas dont even buy Hip Hop mags but will still bitch about it

  • max

    Why did Juicy sign with Taylor Gang in the first place? The dude got a lot money already and a large and loyal fan base of young kids and people over 25. This cover isn't a good look for him.

  • Obama Fried Chicken

    You know its Sign Of The Times when niggas complain about another nigga's fashion attire then paying attention to the fine dime standing next to him...

    SMDH!!!!! :( :( :( :(