Calvin Johnson Lands Madden 13 Cover

Despite Cam Newton's best efforts, Megatron pulled in 52% of the votes and will be featured on the 2013 edition of Madden. Thoughts?

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  • timboslice

    wouldnt have been mad either way. how the fuck did hillis get it last year. nasty ass brown and orange cover

  • Me

    I sure as hell hope he defeats the curse; I have him on my dynasty fantasy team. But I would have said the same thing had Newton won because I have him too.

  • Calvin Johnson’s son

    what an ugly ass not talking about having Calvin Johnson, but thats the pic they chose? could have been done way better. Step it up EA marketing

    PS: Calvin Johnson is the greatest in the whole WORLDDD!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lions Fan


  • PH

    I don't think that is the final cover, I've seen other covers,maybe it's a variant one. Still, nice to see Megatron on this Madden 13 !

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    It's not the final cover. Megatron is cool even though I voted for Cam. Co-sign @timboslice It's sad Hillis got more votes than Vic last year. Honestly didn't really know who Hillis was until he was on the cover.

  • phrayzermusic

    WOOO, #FuckHarbaugh

  • HindSight

    Megatron is a beast... Dope!

  • d easy

    go lions

  • louislagerfeld

    Megatrooonnn!!!! Fuck the Cheeseheads

  • LOUD

    Damn i hope megatron beats the curse for the sake of my dynasty teams. #fuckjimschwartz

  • ThisFuckingGuy

    Damnnnn, first we get Verlander on MLB, now Calvin on Madden!!!... Hellllllll Yeah.... DETROIT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stay Frosty

    Too bad EA is still making the Madden games.

  • Glad Megatron is stuck with the curse and not Cam... Cam's finally gonna have his Defense back this year.

    Also... Green Bay or the Highway, bitch-ass niggas.

  • Big Cen

    Cam is a Leader, thrower, they put a catcher on the front? They not gon get a ring anyway, not enough weapons. Cam gon play harder this year and prove he shouldve been on front. True Elite Stand Up !!

  • squaaaad

    shoulda been patrick willis

    #ninergang i kno shake agree wit me

  • im2troll

    arian foster

  • bladaoh

    finally after all the years of loyally standing by watching my team suck ass we finally get one of our players on a madden cover. congratz calvin. GO LIONS!!!!!!!!

  • finally after all the years of loyally standing by watching my team suck ass we finally get one of our players on a madden cover

  • i like this sport with my student.


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