Deniro Farrar x Flosstradamus - Look At The Sky

When Deniro Farrar and the Fools Gold production team Flosstradamous linked up, they might not have had a goal in mind. But after a solid listen, I have a feeling they wanted to show that a blend of trance and rap could actually work. And not "work" in the sense of Flo-Rida, David Guetta, etc. I mean work in the sense that these two genres can be mashed together without sacrificing the integrity of a real message being portrayed. Those liking what you hear can expect more from the people involved as they have already cooked up some more heat.

DOWNLOADDeniro Farrar x Flosstradamus - Look At The Sky

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  • MJR

    Nice - im gona smoke 1 to this

  • dcboulder

    bump the above

  • Maaaan This Is REAL!!!
    -Paint The Sky,Blew!!!

  • This is pretty nice.

    If you want a great Flosstradamus track, check out Total Recall.

  • SL the gimp

    This is chill. Downloading this shit and bumping the fuck out of it.


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