Jimmy Fallon, The Roots & President Obama Slow Jam The News (Video)

blame it on Meka April 25, 2012

The leader of the United States joined Jimmy Fallon and The Roots on their late-night show to speak on student loans and making college cheaper… in their own unique way, of course.

  • Me

    That’s the homie right there.

  • BobbyWhite

    why you niggas liking this? obama aint done shit for this country

  • a

    i can only imagine the fuckery that a political debate on 2dbz is

  • dudester

    for a politician his swag is astronomic, but as a president he still sucks…

  • Drew

    this dude has not done anything for this country, lame ass…..yeah a black man call Obama a lame ass….now that is what u call historic!!

  • marty mcfly

    The only people that should have a problem with this guy are people who are super rich and thats just the truth. You aint gotta cosign everything about him but trust me Mitt Romney and George Bush never gave a fuck about you or anybody other then themselves and as a person Obama he has to be the best role model for the youth today, you can look up to Asap Rocky or somebody like that but hating on Obama to the point of ignoring anything good about him is almost insanity imo. Thats not just talk that is just honestly the truth because if anybody hasn’t done shit for this country in his first term its the members of congress and members of the supreme court and the republican party that try to roadblock his every step and thats just to try and scar his record on purpose in the history books. But really even his enemies are secretly giving him props off the record cause its almost impossible not to acknowledge him in a positive light and be serious about it. If you have somebody in mind that can create millions and millions of jobs in just a few years then speak on it but I cant think of anybody who would do that or even come close to that. At least Obama goes to work on it everyday and the economic turn around is showing. Thats just the truth

  • marty mcfly

    If you think im wrong then we can agree to disagree cause im not gonna debate it but good luck with Romney doing a better job if thats how you see it. One

  • BobbyWhite

    nah @martymcfly, its not the people that are super rich that dont like him, it’s the people that actually work hard for their money and then have to give it up in taxes to people who dont work for their money at all. #discussionend

  • thatrealshit

    how is anyone gonna hate on obama when we could of had sarah palin in the white house with a dude in mccain who looks like he could go at any minute? politics always comes down to the lesser of 2 evils and the republican party as it stands today is a caricature of itself, its a complete joke. i’ll take obama over any of those creeps, we’d be stuck in the stone age otherwise

  • marty mcfly

    @BobbyWhite, Nah its the super rich because if your not bringing in more then a million dollars per year but you have a problem with Obama then that to me just dont make any sense. If you dont make millions then who do you think is worried about you in washington? Romney? ummmm NO

  • III


    You do realize that America has some of the lowest tax burdens when compared to foreign countries, right?

    People like you are just ignorant and think “wahhh the government is taking my hard-earned money! unfair! lower my taxes!”. You can’t always lower taxes. That’s a large reason why we’re in the shithole we’re in…Bush’s dumbass gave tax cuts while we were in the middle of funding a damn war. I bet you loved it too, huh? “Awesome, lower taxes for me! That must make it a good decision! Less money the government takes from me!”

    Pull your head out of your ass and take an economics class.

  • uknow

    Leave it to the most ignorant among us to not support their own interests. Obama 2012!

  • J.O

    Thats why Obama is so dope..Can you imagine any other Pres.we ever had doing this? #Obama12

  • steven g

    yo the mic drop at the end was pretty funny. they did a pretty good job at keeping a straight face/

  • datboijon

    thats my mu-fucking president right there. i aint even trying to talk politics on 2dbz. so imma say obama 2012 and keep it movin

  • Obama Fried Chicken

    Don’t care about the rich, lets help the other people that have great minds but don’t have the funds. Lets not be ignant and debate a good thing.

  • LexiCon

    Mr. President, get back to work, please! Seriously, all I hear about is you singing Al Green, calling Kanye a jack-ass and now this? You’ve got to solve big world problems!

  • kamu

    The people behind this house nigga are wall street and world bank thugs. Do the home work sheep…. He doesn’t give a Fuck because the masters that he works for like all previous presidents (Kennedy being the exception) don’t give a Fuck.

  • the realest

    He doesn’t give a Fuck because the masters that he works for like all previous presidents (Kennedy being the exception) don’t give a Fuck.

    kamu said this on April 25th, 2012 at 1:27 pm

    ^ i just love how all the conspiracy theorists love to say all the presidents are puppets EXCEPT KENNEDY. obviously being bcuz he died. lol it never fails. when they have no idea on which why he was even killed. smh. you might wanna fall back, pull your heads out of your asses, and do some actual research OUTSIDE of youtube.

  • realtalk©

    ^nah this is 2012.. the internet is a shouting match for retards, get used to it

  • God

    Worst president since Bush…

  • KAMU


  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    @LexiCon That’s all you hear about because you’re aloof to what’s going on. Go read a newspaper or something.

    Things are being done, y’all dudes just too lazy/ignorant to watch or read about politics once in a while.

  • You Can’t Handle the Truth

    ^What has been done? Seriously, what has been done? Obamacare is about to be overturned because of its overreach in power, the Stimulus package flushed a trillion dollars down the toilet, the military has made an absolutely disgusting fool out of itself (urinating on dead bodies, burning Qur’ans, and slaughtering 2 villages of innocent people so far this year), and the national debt has gone up more under Obama in 4 years than it did under Bush in 8. So WHAT, exactly, is being done?

    PS- Do NOT come back here talking about Osama. Anybody in the country could and would have made that exact same decision, and it’s disrespectful to Admiral William McRaven to give Obama the credit for the strike.

  • yupp…

    ^^^ my man right here has it right. all i hear now a days is ‘Obama aint doing shit’ 1.Unless you have been following him around step for step since he took office you have no way of knowing what he has done or not. Like he pointed out alot of what he has done is in the news but it cant possibly be everything. 2.People the man does not run the country by him self, there are other parties who disagree with him in congress. he cant do whatever he wants. 3.he has not done anything to compare to what bush did for TWO TERMS. with that said im not deep enough into politics to know the pros or cons of his term as president. but he is much better then them republics. #Obama2012

  • Cali Grown

    Fuck Obama he doesn’t respect the constitution or our rights. Then again I’m sure a good percentage of people on this blog could give a fuck about the constitution themselves.

    Ever hear of Habeas Corpus? You should’ve learned about it in high school government class. Well, it’s no more all thanks to President Obama and the big bad boogieman named terrorism.

    But he’s a great guy isn’t he? So charismatic. He truly cares for the people which is why he doesn’t seek authorization from Congress to use military force. Yes I’m talking about Libya. Under the Constitution, only the Legislative branch has the authority to declare war not the Executive branch unless we are under imminent attack. In other words WE decide through our representatives how we are to conduct the affairs that affect US. This is the action of a king not a US president.

    The rights of the people and the Constitution are what made America the land of the free and both of those are gradually being eroded. But hey my president is black, young and can sing so who cares! African Americans should be furious of this low tactic of the powers that be to instill false security and “change” through the image of the first black president. Our government doesn’t answer to us they answer to the ultra-elite some of whom hold positions in the United Nations, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg; oh yeah, a lot of these guys are unelected by the people but still greatly or entirely influence the actions of our government.

    We aren’t free, we’re allowed just enough to think we are. Where will the voice of the people be in the future?

  • Cali Grown

    don’t forget Executive Order No. 11110, my brother.

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ All you gotta do is go find out what Obama has done and then imagine him not being there and it being another president like Bush instead. Obama said on Jimmy Fallon that he just finished paying off his student loans 8 years ago and the jacket he was wearing in that old photo came from Good Will. COMEONSON he knows what struggle is and thats why he speaks on behalf of the poor mans struggle. Keep in mind that any move that a president makes will have pros and cons so the object is to make the people suffer as little as possible but they will suffer no matter what a president does. The people who get hurt the most in this country are children and elderly people when it comes to money. The object is to keep schools open from preschool to college and at the same time keep hospitals running and at the same time keep food in peoples mouths for both the employed and unemployed, along with several other issues like foreign affairs/ services & goods and economic growth. Now every economic genius has come up with ways to try and help america’s economy and all of them involve some kind of move that will hurt the people in some way. So my question is this, what side do you choose? Do you ask poor people to pay more? Or do you ask rich people to pay almost the same in taxes that poor people pay? If you spend a thousand bucks how much does that set you back? Now how much does it set back a person who is rich to pay 100k or just an equal tax rate? When they just gonna get that money back anyway? Guess what happens if they overturn Obamacare? People will DIE. Guess what would’ve happened without the stimulus package? People would’ve DIED. Now guess what will happen if Obama doesnt get another 4 years? People Will DIE. You can disagree but ask most people in this country, especially those that work jobs like crazy and are still struggling because the cost of living is higher then the paychecks they bring home. Oh yeah and the strike on Osama was green lighted by Obama after he spent two years promising america he would kill Osama. Promise kept.

  • marty mcfly


  • SwizZ

    All of these people bashing Obama are most likely the same people screaming “Ron Paul 2012”. At the end of the day everyone blames the president for what is going on but he doesnt even make the decisions its the congress and the house that has the final word. Im sure if he could do whatever he wanted to the country just may be better off but when you have republicans and the teapartiers disagreeing with every move he tries to make it only makes Obama look bad

  • kamu

    Obama knows the struggle.. lmfao. Last year Barry Sotero aka Obama made 12 million of personal investments thanks to his zionist world bank buddies lol. Yea Barry knows the struggle alright. To all the sheep here please do some research it will cost you all nothing but a bit of your personal time.

  • kamu

    P.S. I don’t scream Ron Paul 2012 I scream human race 4ever.

  • marty mcfly

    If Obama doesnt know struggle then how much money did he have or make in his life before he graduated from college? Was he ever rich before then? NO so get your facts straight because he just started seeing some real money like in 04 after he signed his first book deal and the people he came up with all cosign that Obama is very very much so familiar with peoples hard times because he had to struggle to get to where he’s at. Yes Obama is doing well now after working for it but did he grow up with money like Romney or even like some well off americans did? No and If You dont believe Obama knows the struggle then who was he came up and worked his way up to senator? Certainly not a rich guy. Oh and btw when I said people would DIE earlier, you can take that however you wanna take it but it mostly means people would have been worse off without certain changes in this country. I bet everybody who was able to get back to work after being laid off before Obama took office aint mad at all especially people in the automotive business. You can make all the excuses you want to act like Obama is some evil person and that people dont know his history but some things you cant fake and Obamas struggle to becoming the first black president is one of them.

  • marty mcfly

    @Kamu, So basically It took Obama a little more then 40 years to get rich, so all those world bank buddies you speak on wasn’t no help and they still aint cause Obama’s campaign money can be traced back to where it came from and most of came from people who aint no Zionist buddies of his.

  • KAMU

    Ok sheep you got it. Barry is the greatest. I mean you know he did grew up with a white mother and grandparents in hawaii (Africa but who really knows,lol) and mister Barry attended ivy league schools were he became friends with his mentor Zibigniew Breziznski (Google that fucking deamon). Like I said sheep DO SOME RESEARCH BEFORE YOU GET ALL PROUD AND SAY A BUNCH OF NOTHING..

  • marty mcfly

    So what does all that mean? He didnt have to do know work to get where he’s at? And I hate when people bring up other people who are not Obama. You can only speak on OBAMAS actions as a man, he is not responsible for the actions and opinions of other people. So because his mom is white that means what, he didnt have to do no work or something. Because his grandparents are from Hawaii, what does that have to do with him having to work his way up being president? As for as mentors go Obama had several and even people that were not his mentors have been called his mentors but again they are not Obama and they dont make decisions for Obama’s life. Obama is responsible for his own actions not some other guy who you want me to google who is not named Obama.

  • marty mcfly

    If you go to an Ivy league school so what cause that dont mean you just sit around and do nothing and then become president. You still gotta work like everybody else plus all his years of school had to be paid for and he wasn’t getting no rich people’s money because he would have been in debt for all them years if that was the case.

  • marty mcfly

    I mean, he would NOT have been in debt all them years. Obama did not grow up like Richie Rich dude

  • Cali Grown

    Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Citigroup are amongst Obama’s top contributors for his 2008 campaign. He also endorsed the ’08 bailout of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac but like @marty mcfly says these big bankers don’t help him out.

    By the way the ’08 bailout did nothing for home owners who suffered from the ENGINEERED mortgage crash but it did help the consolidation of private banks some of which are located in Europe. These violators of our general welfare should be in jail but after all they’re friends of Obama.

  • marty mcfly

    @Cali Grown, again Obama is only responsible for his own actions and if those people that you claimed helped Obamas campaign then how much did they contribute in comparison to those who are not bankers. Also if a rich person gave money to Obamas campaign so what, does that make it an evil conspiracy? NO that only means they contributed money that does not make it some far out secret evil plan that took place. They label Obama the “food stamp” president, now you want me to believe he works for the interest of rich bankers when most of them hate his guts. Obama fucking cosigned the intentions of poor people on Occupy Wallstreet and his banker friends went crazy, now you want to believe they work with him? Comeonson, you can over complicate shit or yo can look at his actions and see most of them help people who are poor not rich. You talk about the home owners suffering because of something Obama did when if he didnt do shit most of them would have foreclosed.

  • marty mcfly

    ALL im saying is you have to look at reality fam. Nobody is this good of an actor, its no way Obama can fake like wants to help people while at the same time serve the interests of rich billionaires and bankers that straight dont want to help shit. You cant mix those agendas up and keep them secret for years and years and successfully function as the president. Its impossible. You dont try to serve zionist bankers by coming up with Obamacare and talking about fairness in america cause those two things can never cross paths dude.

  • KAMU

    Tell me who you hang with and I’ll tell you who you are. In this case Barry is nothing more than the face of the Banking Zionist world goverment just like the presidents before him and if we don’t wake up after him. See you at a FEMA CAMP near you lol…

  • KAMU


  • marty mcfly

    @Kamu, Most those zionist you speak of have most likely never even met Obama and if they did it was just once, twice or just a few times in passing because Obama does not just sit around meeting different representatives from the bank. Everybody that Obama “hangs” with have been around him for years now and are usually found close to him on a regular basis but Obama does not “hang” with everybody he’s ever met before. Its people that have donated money to his campaign that Obama has never spoke to in his life so just because people claim to be his friends does not make it true. 2nd you keep talking about research but you need to do some of your own cause if you honestly think not having healthcare is a good idea you need to think about the well being of yourself and your family some more. What do you think George Bush or Romney feel about your healthcare or your education or the money you make? They just dont give a fuck because if you have financial struggles they feel like thats your problem not theirs. Obama is not that way so how are you mad? Obamacare serves multiple purposes not just one simple function and without it you mite not even be able to afford any healthcare at all and that would leave you and your family unprotected my friend. You dont HAVE to pay if you really dont want to but its not a bad idea because one day we all get old and will need medical attention.

  • marty mcfly

    Im done with it man cause if you disagree then cool but if you feel YOU can do a better job then the president then idk what to tell you cause I would suggest you dont bet on Romney and if you gotta a problem with something Obama has tried to change then I guess we can all go back to the Bush days or we can all just hope maybe america will change by luck or some kinda miracle or something. Obama is just one man so thinking he can just make everybody in america good in one term is just ridiculous, everybody can do what they want if they choose cause I highly doubt the police are gonna come beating down your door for challenging something Obama has said.

  • Jack Cafferty

    ^Since Bush left office, unemployment is way up, the dollar is way down, the economy is way down, American debt is way up, the government is much more dysfunctional, the military is much less respected, our international debt rating has gone down, and people’s faith in their representatives is at an all-time low.

    Is going back to the Bush days really an option? Because I never thought I’d say this, but I’ll take it. The problem with Obama (and every single one of his supporters) is that he talks and talks and talks, and NEVER actually fixes anything.

    PS- Obama is the President of the United States. Any claims that “Obama is only responsible for his own actions” are pathetic and delusional. The president’s responsibility is to oversee the general welfare of the entire nation, by whatever means necessary. Yes, it’s a big job, but HE signed up for it, HE fought hard for it and HE won it. Don’t rob him of his responsibility now, just because every single aspect of American culture has tanked in the last 3 years.

  • marty mcfly

    I said he was responsible for his own actions because people try to link him to other people they believe are part of a demonic zionist cult or try to link Obama to every single person that has sent him money to his campaign or has been to the white house. I said he is NOT responsible for the actions of anybody like that because he does not know and does not hang with all those different people like that. Let me ask you something though, all those problems you listed above, HOW THE FUCK DO YOU FIX THOSE PROBLEMS? keeping in mind america was losing jobs at the rate of 100k plus per month in the 6 months before Obama took office and by then millions had already been lost. Now who in Gods name could even fix that? The thing the pisses people off his that Obama DID turn around alot of that problem in multiple different areas that stimulated the economy and created jobs. He turned around a circumstance that is impossible and thats why people mad because all statistics show signs that the economy is coming back. Now those other problems you named. How do you fix that? Did Obama cause those problems? If a family is struggling right now, did Obama cause that to happen? NO and yes I understand people dont wanna take any personal responsibility for their own actions so they put it on Obama. OK well guess what? alot of people were able to keep their homes and some of the worst most poverty stricken places in the country and some business on the brink of collapse saw some form of come back during Obama’s term. You say you want Bush back but do you really wanna know what his plans for americans were? He was gonna let the worst economic crises of americas history run its course and wait to see how many people would survive. So thats not a good plan at all homie so again. Anything positive that you want to find about Obamas term is ALL PUBLIC INFORMATION AND BACKED UP WITH EVIDENCE so go find it and read it. The debt can not be fixed by one man cause that is just completely impossible. It would take every american in this country all working together to fix that problem and guess what? It would still be some debt left.