• http://da-what.com Benja

    This guy is really dope

  • yeee

    this guy needs more comments than this!! he's killin for Portland right now!!

  • Joseph Richard Coleman

    Saw this guy live and he puts on! He keeps it the realest of any artist ive listened to, every lyric, every performnace, every move, DUDE WRITES HIS LIFE, what more can you ask from an artist

  • skittlez

    These are some dope visuals!

  • Damian Grey

    The King of my city. Nuf said

  • illmatic27

    2 dope, to be music.....

  • http://khakimustafa.bandcamp.com/ Khaki Mustafa

    Luck is truly an inspiration to hip-hop. Attention all you young cats trying to find a good artist to model your style after... DONT MODEL YOUR STYLE AFTER SOULJA BOY. Luck One is an asset to the hip-hop community. One!

  • RipCity

    2 dope, LuckOne is honestly amazing. REAL HIP HOP BABY! I wanna see the interview y'all did :)