Stevie Crooks – Lamont Carter Freestyle

blame it on Meka April 25, 2012

“On February 23, 1995, Big L and Jay-Z created one of the most classic freestyles in history. Now the Villain goes in solo fusing both styles along with his to make Lamont Carter come to life.”

Stevie’s Cashmere Killer drops next month.

DOWNLOAD: Stevie Crooks – Lamont Carter Freestyle | Alt

  • DaSilva

    Crazy Dope.

  • Frankie

    Earl sweatshirt?!

  • biiiiiitch

    ^kill yourself Stevie is nice and been better than Earl before ever

  • doc rovers

    dude who said earl sweatshirt just embarassed himself by bringing his name up with L and jay

  • Hip-hop just put a piranha in a fish tank of goldfish ass rappers.


    Villain Rap!


    like sittin on the toilet
    and you get splashed on
    cuz they droppin heavy
    sinkin to the bottom
    watery graves
    for the ones
    who lack substance

  • panda

    Crookie! dope flow, cool lyrics. vintage Rap shit.

    I think the dude was comparing how Earl Sweatshirt and Jay-Z look alike in that photo above. y’all are lowkey dumb as shit.