A$AP Rocky Interview w/ DJ Skee (Video)

blame it on Shake April 26, 2012

A$AP (and the Mob) rolled through the Skee Lodge in Los Angeles to chop it up with DJ Skee. During the interview Rocky speaks on Goldie, what’s changed since signing to a major, Rihanna, upcoming projects, who he thinks the hottest out, gives advice to new artists and more.

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  • brandon

    he didn’t say shit about goldie.

  • RealRap

    and this whole time I thought Aesop Rock was a white

  • III


    When asked whether “Goldie” was the main single that he’d be pushing for the album, he said it was just one of many.


    Stop being bitter that some kid who’s under 21 has gotten more buzz and recognition than your favorite rapper has in the span of his 15+ year rap career. Oh well, at least Aesop makes “real rap” right?

  • RealRap

    I love when you call someone a name, and it’s not even an offensive name, and people get butthurt, it really shows the bitch in you. and who said aesop rock was my favorite rapper? not even top 25.

  • 1

    @RealRap Why do people keep talking about aesop on these comment, who gives a shit if their names are kinda similar

  • ^It’s just the one troll, he just uses a few names. “RealRap”, “underground” and “TheUnderground”, off the top of my head.

  • RealRap

    I just think it’s a funny joke to confuse things and act like I thought asap was aesop. and I want to point out that an old underground rapper,with no commercial or mainstream success has more talent and depth than is corny crew. These kids are a bunch of knucklehead, know nothing, corny, wack commercial rappers. other crews started younger than these kids, but some of them were actually cool, talented and had something meaningful to say. if you want to ride the asap crews dick, go for it, fags.

  • RealRap

    The worst rapper in A$AP is better than Aesop Rock, Slug, Blueprint or anybody else that has ever been on Rhymesayers. Aesop Rock has literally never spit a good line in his entire career, and the Weathermen are probably the worst group of all time, helmed by the ultimately pathetic El-P and his box of way out-dated Fruity Loops tricks.


  • RealRap

    underground is another word for not being a sellout

  • RealRap

    ^Couldn’t come up with a good Aesop Rock line, could you? Probably because he’s awful. Crawl back into the hipster hole now, little loser.

  • WackRap

    u mad? chill kid, smoke bone.

  • Damn, there some heat rising on this board. I really enjoy A$AP Rocky and Rockie Fresh but Aesop Rock blows these kats outta the water when it comes to lyrical flow and has a much more experienced style.