• rkb


  • SW

    Da fuck is this shit

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com/2012/04/26/gotye-somebody-that-i-used-to-know-chuck-inglish-remix/ bryan

    not bad

  • Thad ‘Jr Mint’ Dankerson

    good to see chuck sharin his work with the fans

  • c-los

    Not that I don't want to see anyone try, but Dice Raw already slaughter this song

  • real

    that original track does have some sample potential if someone can flip it right. but this shit is weak.

  • BigBabyJesus36

    STS kills this song.
    STS - Cut me off

  • A Reader!

    What @BigBabyJesus36 said is true !!

    If anyone wants a hip-hop flip of this, better grab that STS - Cut Me Off !!! That is by far the best one imo !!!

  • luke

    cosign... sts killed it

  • Nathaniel

    The Scoop DeVille Rrmix is the best.

  • Cee

    this stupid. looks like he just threw in a random arrangement of filters, effects, and weak percussion patterns. Sample work is weak too.

  • Dangr

    that STS shit is hott, BUT thats no remix. This shit is a dope remix. take it easy guies damn