Nas – Daughters (prod. No I.D.)

blame it on Meka April 26, 2012

Artwork by Alex Haldi.

Guess the cut couldn’t stay vaulted until its May 1st iTunes date. Credit DJ Prostyle for that. Much better than “Another Black Girl Lost.” Life Is Good, coming July 17th.

Hit the jump for Nas explaining the concept of his new single.





  • k dot

    OMFG this song is so dope, Nas back to spittin that SHIT ! this album mite be above solid, if theres more tracks like these. Also No I.D outdid his fucking self with this beat ! That niggas is a GENIUS.

  • Nas >

  • DanNY


  • lilkandy

    No I.D. Production >>>>>>>>>>

  • Flip

    This gave me that classic nas feel……fucking dope

  • ThrillMurray

    This Nas album is shaping up to be WEAK. The Don, Daughters, Another Girl Lost all wouldn’t rank in my top 40 of Nas tracks. Nasty was pretty good but WHERE ARE THE BANGERS? I expect a lot from Nas so to say I am disappointed is an understatement. I hope the next leaks are way better.

  • M&M

    Dope track! Life Is Good FTW

  • that truth

    throw a decent hook on here before you release it. good beat, pretty good verses but terrible, terrible hook. he’s too old to still have those nastradamus-bad choruses

  • toozle

    like always a shitty ass beat from nas old ass, nigga needs to retire already, young niggas taking over WOLF GANG

  • Ogu

    Nasir see what happens when you work with good producers?

  • Damn, dope track but he put his daughter on SUPER BLAST!!!

  • LALowkey

    Lol I still can believe Nas’ daughter is a hoe like that LOL thats fucked up haha. He must of been HEATED

  • yeahbut

    sonically pretty nice but the concept is corny as hell!

  • marty mcfly

    This song is dope because this is the Nas people claim the want. He didnt put his daughter on blast he just made the song sound like a reality which is what you want from Nas right? People never wanted no fancy hooks from Nas cause thats not what Nas is known for and people dont expect Nas to have some super over the top banger cause thats not the Nas people grew up on. This is the kind of sound Nas became legend with and No I.D gave him the right track imo.

  • DBS

    @marty mcfly – He’s talking about his actually daughter though, she did tweet her condom box and shit, real classy.

  • This song is dope..Nas spit real shit.. idk why people hatin on it… yeah the beat isnt crazy but its not bad either… and as far as hooks go i never expect Nas to do a hook thats over the top… this type song is what i expect from Nas. and he delivered

  • Igotcha

    Dope track. Nas may be back on his shit for this album.

  • Olo

    If you think this songs is wack, fuck all yall, you used to that new school shit and forgot what that boom bap sound like get correct youngin’s

  • Ricky

    first comment represents the nas groupies essentially. completely unwarranted overreaction to a dope song. but it doesnt warrant calling him the goat and cursing at people. tf is wrong with you?

    but this shit is real nice!

  • jay

    yall young niggas must not have daughters or kids just stay in school yall this is dope hope no id produces a majority of the album cant wait for this album to come out

  • Joe

    @ Whoever said Nas needed a banger LOL. this song is fuckin dope btw

  • Yoo

    Nas ft Lloyd banks queens anthem coming next

  • adi Pre

    Always gon be dope with No I.D. on the track.

  • Good look.

  • MikeSlimm

    This track>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Nuff

    real shit right here 4real

  • beam bap

    cant go wrong!

  • Esco the god!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dizzel3000

    381 to 5 ……………………..thats all you need to know


  • F A C T

    Fuck the hating. This shit bangs!!!!

  • best song so far, incredible lyricism, No I-D killed the beat!

  • the realest

    @ Whoever said Nas needed a banger LOL. this song is fuckin dope btw

    Joe said this on April 26th, 2012 at 5:32 pm

    ^ the banger was the don. and a banger it was. this is an album cut joint.
    not directed at joe, but do ppl understand that not EVERY song is designed to be a banger?

  • who cares

    This is exactly what I’m looking for in new Nas music!

  • this song is absolutely amazing. Ill lyricism, good storytelling, conscious but honest annd a dope beat. classic shit.

  • J.T.

    After hearing Nasty, The Don, and this, I feel like this album will be really good overall.

  • real talk

    This song is dope…Nas is truly a hip hop artist that represents the culture with creativity & passion! Nas is truly the GOAT! Some of you just don’t know how to put Hip Hop Music in its proper perspective.


    WoW… This is the best song I heard all year! Im def gonna purchase that Nas Album. easy!

    Peace 7

  • :O nas picked a good beat?! say it aint so?!

  • zachariah

    YES! I can vibe to this shit! Don’t even have a seed!

  • TheBlackGuy

    Dope record… got that classic feel to it…A record like this doesn’t need a catch hook – perfect the way it is…. Nas, GOAT status as always.

  • Gregory Kruxx

    And As Always…
    N A S Are The Letters That SpeLL…

    NAS NAS…


  • al

    as long as the album sounds like this and not “another black girl lost” than we have some DOPE records coming soon

  • braff

    This is beautiful

  • jtherapy

    I can hear jay on a remix

  • escobrooklyn

    Another Black Girl Lost isn’t gonna be on the album & it’s funNY how people say NaS fans are all NaS stans but y’all let Jay-Z get away with pure bullshit time & time again. NaS been spitting better than so maNY rappers this past year & a half… ESPECIALLY better than Jay-Z. NaSty, The Don & Daughters are all official tracks. Stop hating

  • Mike

    Great! Nas X NOID I fux with it.

  • six

    song is fire how u can hate..beat sucks are u crazy..hook aint that bad but not the best..only part of the song that can be better

  • the realest


    ^ stop hatin

  • Dave Chappelle

    Nas the GOAT. Best story teller in hip hop PERIOD. Paints pictures so vivid. All you ignant ass haters aren’t intelligent enough to understand. Sucks to suck.

  • Doney

    Nas delivered with a heartfelt record that was 100% real. This shit makes u almost want to cry, especially if u got a daughter yourself

  • ans

    dope song could have been better. hook is super weak and awkward.

  • ba

    i wanna hear a jay-z verse on this

  • real

    pray to god i never have a daughter

  • cj

    very dope song… Nas is killing everything he touches right now (with the exception of that hit boy throw away track) … this beat kinda reminds me of Face’s “Guess Who’s Back”… can definitely hear the similarities in Kanye’s Old beats and Some of No I.D.’s current joints.

  • woopwoop

    second that wanting the hear a jay verse on this, first thing i thought midway through this song was nas has always overall had better songs than him.

    nonetheless great song

  • str8jckn

    I must be gettin old cuz this is what I wanna hear…Im still tryna figure out what a Chief Keef is… and why he will make money off of a subject that aint nothin’ to play wit’…

  • marty mcfly

    Obviously this song is alot better then Another Black Girl Lost but its just funny how every Nas song is measured by and compared to something from Jayz by the fans but never vice versa. Nobody hates on Nas like how some of ya’ll make it out to be though.

  • Port of Roosevelt

    Grown man Rap right here. Yeah yall dont get scared these are just give aways. I like the song still good for album filler but good solid song period. And hip hop has to last years yall we gotta stay on some grown man shit. We gotta have our neil diamonds for real.

  • gasoline

    deep..nasir doing his thing as usual..records that have a meaning..loving it…