QuESt – What Greatness Is Made Of (The Recipe)

blame it on Meka April 26, 2012

Different verse, same as the first. This time QuEST takes Kendrick’s latest single for a ride.

DOWNLOAD: QuESt – What Greatness Is Made Of (The Recipe)
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  • Kidd

    This is another dope dude who’s posts rarely get comments wtf?

  • gcrazy

    I REALLY REALLY hope somebody discovers this guy soon. He has soo much potential. It doesnt make sense. He should be so much further. He’ll get his chance sooner than later.

  • og

    killed it

  • lo

    @gcrazy: quality artists take time to grow their audience. This kid is the truth, maybe it won’t happen just yet, but his time will come. On a side note: he’s gotta stick to a more hip-hop style of production. He sounds great on this….not really feeling his latest project. A couple of the tracks are cool but I can’t get into the whole electro vibe for a whole album

  • ree

    i agree with ya’ll. how the FUCK does someone like jcole get so much attention and quest doesn’t? pshh. foh.

  • Nasssieboy

    @lol I thought his last project was incredible and refreshing to say the least. It wasn’t the same hip hop shit. QuESt gets it. He just needs to get A break somehow. The electro sound helps him stand out a lot,

  • lo

    @nassie maybe the songs aren’t strong enough yet…I don’t know, it just wasn’t my thing I guess. He stands out on almost any style of production, so I don’t think he needs the electro sound to stand out. Like any artist…he just needs dope production, stand out songs and the rest will take of itself. Jay-Z wouldn’t be where he’s at if it wasn’t for the consistency

  • Nassieboy

    @lo I believe he has that. Just a differentpce in opinions. Besides, We both agree on one thing, quest is dope. And he deserves more recognition. Dudes been putting in work for years. I hope he gets his spot and time soon.

  • the2four

    He goes IN on this shit.

  • 10 times better than any XXL freshman except Macklemore.

  • Dope.