Kool AD (of Das Racist) - 51 (Mixtape)

The eccentric, bodaciously bearded baron of brainy braggadocio member of Das Racist drops his latest freelease, linking up with artists from the Bay Area (Trackademics, Main Attrakionz, Boots Riley) and East (Heems, Meyhem Lauren). Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Kool AD (of Das Racist) - 51 (Mixtape)

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  • No, no nuh no no no, No no nuh no no no = hottest chorus of the year
    (track 17)

  • sfczvfzdf

    only reason you posted this was bc someone mentioned that you're riding the cheif(watever his name is) bandwagon and don't post anything from DR

    • > only reason you posted this was bc someone mentioned that you’re riding the cheif(watever his name is) bandwagon and don’t post anything from DR >

      you sure about that?


      some people just love to hear themselves talk.

  • inyoface

    i love when the 2dopeboyz put the c section duches in check

  • is this worth the download?

  • none

    It's alright. His flow is very different and slow. Some interesting beats. Worth checking out.

  • dave

    yes its worth the download foo.kool a.d. got is dope.and he got main attractionz who make good songs.it has a mixture of sounds.hes originally from the bay even tho das racists rep brooklyn.but it was recorded in the bay with a couple bay artist lie young l,main att.the production is retarded.

  • YourMothersPsychiatrist

    Kool a.d's dope as fuck, but you guys should post Heems'(other half of DR for those who don't know) mixtape, Nehru Jackets. I personally liked that mixtape more, but Heems' not nearly as lyrical as kool a.d and even more obscure sometimes.

  • Rick O Shea

    He did Post Nehru jackets when it dropped...

  • 5%

    solid shit. 8/10

  • Shallah

    did any of u guys hear MC Ride? LOL


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