Nelly Furtado – Something f. Nas [Snippet]

blame it on Meka April 29, 2012

Nelly’s return to music, The Spirit Indestructible, comes June 19th, and this collabo with Nasir will be on it.

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  • who cares

    I don’t get why Nas works with the people he works with.

  • RED-bWs

    Because his music sense is a lot more than just hip-hop, unlike some people. Just because you don’t like someone, doesn’t mean he can’t.

  • 2deep

    @who cares

    It’s called creativity, that’s why. Something you must lack and can’t appreciate, because this is a hot track.

  • seriously?

    your music sense can be more than just hip hop and you can be creative and still not work with the shit artists that nas chooses to work with. nelly fucking furtado? i agree with the first poster. there’s a ton of better artists out there that he could choose, it’s as if some corporate a&r asshole in a shirt and tie is telling him to make shit like this.

  • Is Like

    oh you don’t understand why NaS works with certain people ? queens get the money…

  • Yo

    I dont care if its Nelly fuckin Fertado or Britney Spears..this song sounds dope, that beat goes in too and Nas was flowing

  • Unstoppable

    @Is Like

    Yeah you probably right, but he still pretty dumb in the decision of who to work with… for example, how the fuck he missed the opportunity to be on Jigga’s Empire State Of Mind (certified hit)

  • SON

    lotta better artists? naw choosing wack ones doesnt matter in better or worse. u care about names u dont care about music.

  • ftr

    what the hell is wrong with that? it’s not like he got her on his album, he gets paid and lays his verse on the track while straight killin it, what is your problem people? he was featured on Nicki Minaj’s album and killed it too. he can give anybody a verse if he gets paid, it’s his job. what is important is who he’s inviting for HIS OWN SHIT and he always got dope artists on it.

  • Not a secret

    @who cares

    Simple answer: broke niggas need money.

  • Rodrick

    Maybe nas has a diffrent taste in musc then you do, ya’ll act as if thats a crime or summin. Maybe Nas likes Nelly Furtados Music, maybe they met in he thought she was a cool person so he decided to work with her, who’s to say……. If you dont like it just keep it movin, for real, every artist I have ever liked has collaborated with someone I dont like, its nothing worth crying over.

    Oh, and the beat on this was dope BTW

  • Nelly Furtado sold out so hard. This is the chick that got famous from “I’m Like a Bird.” Now she bein a “Promiscuous Girl” on all the records

  • T’Challa

    Eh.. listen he needs the money cuz Kelis took him to the cleaners. Name your favorite rapper that’s been in the game more than 10 yrs and it’s almost certain he’s done some “sell out” music at some point. Like somebody else said, as long as he keeps the pop artists off his albums, I’m good..

  • FakirWise

    I believe J. Cole had a line about people who hate on new tracks. I feel sorry for the women some of you get involved with, might as well be lesbian.