• d easy

    never heard of him but the production lineup is crazy. gonna give it a try

  • truestorynodisputes

    ^if u aint fuckin wit ramz alrdy u probably a herb or just started pretending to be a hip hop fan this year

  • http://www.reupspot.com vick

    hahaha TSND. Ramzy is truth

  • http://www.heywingspan.com Wingspan

    Album is crazy.......! #KAMO

  • herbthatjuststartedpretendingtobeahiphopfanthisyear

    Never heard of him...

  • valence (herb)

    Why would a fan insult others who might help put on their artist? TSND, do you not want Ramzy's fan base to grow? What kind of simple-minded thought process is that?

  • truestorynodisputes

    why does everyone on this site take everything written so literal...you people disgust me....remind me of the type that dont get out much and probably awkward as shit in person

  • tellemshawwtyy

    truestorynodisputes is a virgin

  • milly

    dont sleep! ahh hah hah

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    It is crazy.

  • http://www.Iamindemand.tumblr.com @Iamindemand

    I'm on track 4 and I ain't skipped one track yet...that's how you know you wanna LISTEN...that's what you call SMART tracklisting, dope Rhymes...